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Stay Fit While You Sit!

22 Jun

by Shelley Busque

You wake up in the morning, getting that sluggish feeling, you go in the shower, hop in your car, take a little sip of coffee and Voila! You’re on your working area!

When it comes to exercising, we may not admit it, but “procrastination” might be the safest word to be used than laziness. The overwhelming amount of numbers you carry with you everyday; weekly budgets, the countless meetings, appointments and presentations you dealt and STILL have to deal with soon enough. Surely, time is but the problem for most of us. Our busy daily lifestyles might not meet an extensive workout this way, but you can get enough exercise that missing a day or two of a more strenuous activity won’t make a difference.

So I came up with these 8 helpful short fitness tips briefly gathered to help you and your body to keep moving to avoid that sluggish, sore and stiffness feeling before your day ends!

Never. Ever. Skip Meals!
(Eating smaller, more frequent meals)
C.M.A, my General Manager, taught me this. Never deprive yourself from the “fad dieting techniques”. You can eat anything you want actually! Just think of having small portions because going too long without eating makes your blood sugar plummet! And it does leave you with the raging and overpowering appetite that manipulates your intentions to eat well. Depriving from eating properly makes you feel sluggish and lazy around about late afternoon that’s why we do tend to back log some of the tasks that should be done at the moment. (And that could upset your boss!)

Your toes, your knees
Every chance you get, say like when your thinking and brainstorming, instead of slouching, lift your toes while keeping your heels firmly on the ground. While you can also do this exercise standing, it works very well while seated. Also, while sitting in your chair, try lifting your right foot a few inches off of the floor. Keep your knee bent at a 90 degree angle and hold the position as long as you are comfortable. (I’m sure your boss will support you on this)

Walk the talk!
Taking the stairs/Walk your way around
If you need a harder workout, try taking them two at a time — you’ll get a chance to stretch your legs more than you would otherwise. This can be applied when say you’re about to pick up your food to a store nearby, instead of using your car, walk your way there! Aside from saving your gasoline and burning calories, you’ll never know what surprises you may encounter on your way!

You have two hands. The left and the right.
Stand up and take a couple of jabs at the air! Wave it like you just don’t care! While you can pump both of your arms over your head for 30 seconds as well! You could also add a bit of shoulder raises. Raise your shoulder to your ear, hold and then relax. Repeat, alternating shoulders. (But while doing this, don’t forget to meet the tasks in front of you)

I believe you could fly
Flap your wings! Stretch both of your arms up and back, as far as you can. Bring them forward until they meet and stretch your arms out in front of you. Repeat. At least thrice.

The Chubby Tummy
The abdominal stretch. Big word! Try sitting on the edge of your chair(make sure it’s stable enough to handle your body weight. I mean, I’m just saying) and stretch your arms out in front of you. While keeping your back straight, contract your abdominal muscles. Relax and repeat. It’s advisable to do it for two minutes.

Break a neck!
This has been derived from the famous advise we give before a show is about to start,”Break a leg”
While I didn’t mean for you to actually break your neck, you can actually release  tension by neck
rotations. Drop your chin and roll your neck. Raise your chin up and bend your neck to each side. At least thirty seconds. But when say for example tension is raging and that complicated co worker is causing you to release Hulk in you, Do it for one minute while thinking if that person is worth driving you insane!

Because I work in a health club, I can say that I am a fan of sweating out and I am loving exercising these days. One thing that delights me is that I have a very fun to be with team. Whenever we start our meetings everyday, laughing is a part of our daily routines. Releasing tensions before the actual tension arises. Starting your day right with a proper mindset, a positive attitude and approach to things and surrounding yourself with good people go well together with staying active physically. It’s proven and tested. With approved therapeutic claims.

Exercising could be really really fun. Stress is present around you. Sweat it out where you are, instead of fretting about the endless paper works and tasks. Embrace and love what you do. It’s a lifetime reward. Always put in mind, that not because you are having a bad day means you have a bad life!

Live fit and love life!