Culture and Core Values


These are our core values at FitZone® Fitness Clubs. They form our culture and are integrated into all of our member services. Our people exist to serve our members and help each one of them become stronger, healthier, and happier. Our staff, hired with our core values in mind, has the important job of motivating, coaching, and teaching our members.

We truly believe that in a period of time the fitness industry in Brunei will become as much a daily part of people’s lives as grocery shopping. People need physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes, two to three times a week to take care of their cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, stress reduction, weight control and general health. While awareness of the importance of fitness is now sweeping the nation, FitZone® will be focused on their vision:

Over time, we will strive to make our communities in Brunei healthier places to live.

Fitness Zone encourages everyone to have a passion for fitness, and to have fun while getting fit. We combine affordability with world-class standards, to huge success. And to bring fitness closer to you!

Fitness Zone provides comfortable work out surroundings, the latest gym equipment, a huge exercise program and qualified and knowledgeable and staff, promising members total satisfaction with every visit to the club.

Fitness Zone strives to provide our members with more than just a place to get fit. You’ll be amazed at the “added benefits” of being a Fitness Zone member. Members can enjoy discount privileges at participating local restaurants, retail stores and entertainment outlets.

Fitness Zone is also a member of IHRSA and NAUTILUS ALLIANCE. So, wherever your travels may take you, there is likely to be a Health Club right around the corner that you could have your daily dose for workout. It’s never been so convenient to stay in shape! By joining Fitness Zone today, you will automatically become a reciprocal member to over 3,000 clubs worldwide.

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