Maktab Sains holds CCA at Fitness Zone

3 Feb
Students from Maktab Sains giving it their all during their fitness session at Fitness Zone. Picture: Courtesy of Fitness Zone

Students from Maktab Sains giving it their all during their fitness session at Fitness Zone. Picture: Courtesy of Fitness Zone

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

PADUKA Seri Begawan Sultan Science College’s (Maktab Sains) will continue its fitness programme at Fitness Zone this year, following an agreement that was signed between both parties recently.

“Our co-curriculum activities (CCA) have been conducted in Fitness Zone for three consecutive years now,” said Hj Farid, representative from Maktab Sains and Freestyle cycling instructor at Fitness Zone.

“We have trust in Fitness Zone for their guidance and giving proper knowledge on fitness, most of the students from our previous CCA activities actually became members of the health club and successfully adopted fitness into their daily lives at such a young age, and some even shared that it has helped them in their school academics” he added.

This year, the CCA programme will be participated by 70 students and three guardians from the school in each session.

During the course of the programme, the participants will be engaged in different physical activities.

“Brunei is the place where I grew up in – the country is dear to me, so one of the ways I try to give back to community is by being a positive influence and trying to make an impact to the younger generation. I honestly believe that by focusing and starting with the youth, giving them quality education and wellness in terms of good health, will be beneficial for their productivity in schools or colleges as a way for them to cope with the challenges that life would bring in the future. And, if the younger ones are healthy and happy they will excel not only with their studies but with whatever they do and hopefully this will mold them to be good and happy citizens,” Managing Director of Fitness Zone Wu Chun was quoted as saying in a statement.

His assistant, Shelly Busque, said that the centre aimed to increase the students’ confidence in terms of being physically active, on top of providing them with proper knowledge on the importance of wellness.

The CCA activities will take place at the fitness and health club every Thursday.

Fitness Zone offers an affordable student membership package to encourage youth to excel not only in academic field but also in the field of fitness and health as well as various programmes for young children, such as its special ballet classes, licensed with the Royal Academy of Dance.

To find out more about the programmes offered, contact Fitness Zone at 2232338 or 2448488.

For the latest on upcoming events and promotions from Fitness Zone, just search and ‘FitnessZoneBrunei’ on Instagram and Facebook. – Adib Noor

Source: The Brunei Times


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