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MSPSBS renew CCA activities with Fitness Zone

30 Jan
The students are all smiles in a group photo

The students are all smiles in a group photo

ADUKA Seri Begawan Sultan Science College (MSPSBS) yesterday renewed its agreement with Fitness Zone, the largest fitness and health club in the country, to continue fitness programmes for 2016.

“The CCA activities have been conducted in Fitness Zone for the past three years now,” said Haji Farid, MSPSBS representative and freestyle cycling instructor at the health club.

“Most of the students from former CCA activities became members at young ages and consider exercising as part of their daily habits and it helped them in their school academics.” he added.

There are a maximum of 70 student participants and three guardians from the school in each session. All throughout the conductions, participants will be engaged in different physical activities.

“I honestly believe that focusing and starting with the youth, giving them quality education and wellness in terms of good health will be beneficial for their productivity at learning institutions,” said Wu Chun, Managing Director of Fitness Zone.

The CCA activities will be held at the Fitness Zone club every Thursday. Students will engage in different fitness activities including conductions of the hip and new tracks of Les Mills International that will be launched by the health club next week.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

Fitness Zone launches new Les Mills tracks for Q1

26 Jan

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

FITNESS Zone has launched the latest tracks from Les Mills International for the first quarter of 2016.

“This year, Fitness Zone’s advocacy is all about greatness, hard work, and conquering the impossible. With this launching we aim to start the year with good things to look forward to, something new and exciting. It makes me happy to know that each year, Fitness followers/fans are getting big in numbers in Brunei, from different age ranges,” Fitness Zone Managing Director Wu Chun was quoted in a presss tatement.

“When you make a decision to start doing something that is right for you, no matter how many times you fall on the ground, you have to keep going through hard work until you conquer the things that hold you back.

“That’s where I think greatness starts. These mindsets can even be applied in our daily lives facing challenges. Once you are freed from your fear and what intimidates you, the feeling is very rewarding,” he added.

Currently the club offers a total of 10 out of 13 programmes from Les Mills International, which is the world’s largest provider of choreographed based group fitness classes.

The health centre continues to see a growing number of people taking part in its Les Mills programmes, according to the press statement.

“For those who are interested to be certified Les Mills trainers, we are on the verge of bringing in Les Mills trainings here in Brunei in the coming months so stay tuned for further announcements,” the Executive Assistant and PR of Wu Chun, Shelley Busque said.

For further information regarding upcoming events or membership enquiries, contact Fitness Zone Kiulap at 2232338 or its All Women’s Club, in Serusop at 2448488 or visit Facebook and Instagram at ‘FitnessZoneBrunei’ to get daily updates.

Source: The Brunei Times

Fitness Zone distributes special calendars to members

9 Jan
Fitness Zone Managing Director and Owner Wu Chun holding up some of the motivational calendars which have been specially designed by himself. Picture: Courtesy of Fitness Zone

Fitness Zone Managing Director and Owner Wu Chun holding up some of the motivational calendars which have been specially designed by himself. Picture: Courtesy of Fitness Zone


Saturday, January 9, 2016

FITNESS Zone is giving away a specially designed calendars, aimed at motivating and inspiring members throughout 2016.

Some 700 pieces of 2016 calendar, designed by Wu Chun, were disseminated for Fitness Zone’s members.

The calendars boasts designs that exudes instant positive energy.

It contains a loy of inspirational quotes from famous and well known athletes/motivators such as Michael Jordan, Nelson Mandela and Manny Pacquiao.

“We could give away bags, towels or something else to our Fitness Zone members as our token of appreciation, but we chose to start this year to hand away calendars. This is mainly because my goal to give the public, especially our valued members the message that time is precious. We must use it wisely, plan and look forward,” said Fitness Zone Managing Director and Owner Wu Chun.

He also encouraged people to change for the better and that “success doesn’t just happen overnight”.

“You have to plan ahead, keep your eye on the price, and never look back. Just keep going forward.”

Shelley Busque, who is Wu Chun’s executive assistant said; “Digital calendars are everywhere now but many end-users still prefer to use something they can hold and something that is visible in front of them. Digital could be attractive and handy, but not really functional… These motivational calendars were specially designed and signed by our managing director, Wu Chun himself. He is really an inspiring person, he loves to motivate people around, may it be in smallest ways”.

For this month of January, Fitness Zone’s December 2015’s promotion has been extend for the newly joined and renewing members.

The club has opened another 30 slots for the promotion as a consideration due to some members were overseas last month and some are as eager to start their new year right.

The health and fitness club also once more would like to invite the public for their upcoming first quarterly Les Mills launch event happening 18th – 22nd of January, 2016 at Multi Purpose Hall, Kiulap branch.

Les Mills, is a popular fitness programme worldwide originated from New Zealand that offers wide variety of Group Exercise classes specialising in one’s interest. During the launch week, It’s also the health and fitness club’s open house.

The public and former members can have the world class experience to use the facilities, join classes at no expense.

For further question and queries, contact 223 3338 or 244 8488.

Source: The Brunei Times