Get ready for Les Mills launch this July

21 Jun


Register today to secure your slot!

BODYBALANCE™ : Yoga based workout that consist of Yoga, Tai Chi & Pilates that builds flexibility and strength and leaves you feeling centered and calm.

CX WORX: A short, sharp core workout that’ll inspire you to the next level of fitness, while strengthening and toning your body.

BODYATTACK: The sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina.

BODYCOMBAT: A fiercely energetic martial arts workout where you are totally unleashed and empowered.

BODYJAM: The cardio workout where you are free to enjoy the sensation of dance.

SH’BAM: A 45-minute dance-based workout involving simple dance moves set to a soundtrack of Latin and hip-hop hits.

RPM: High-intensity, indoor cycling workout to burn fat and get fit fast

BODYPUMP: The barbell class, will sculpt, tone and strengthen your entire body, fast!

Grit Cardio: A high-impact cardio workout designed to burn fat and rapidly improve athletic capability, this explosive, 30-minute team training session combines high impact body weight exercises and uses no equipment.

Grit Strength: A 30 minute high intensity interval training workout that takes you in to overdrive to go hard, push harder and get you fitter, super fast.




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