HPC promoting healthy lifestyle

16 Apr
Photos show HPC 2nd cohort clients in action during the Healthy Lifestyle Programme

Photos show HPC 2nd cohort clients in action during the Healthy Lifestyle Programme

THE Health Promotion Centre’s (HPC) is continuing with its mission to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy food intake among the public. The various physical activities that HPC currently hold under the banner ‘Healthy Lifestyle Programme’ at the Fitness Zone premises every Tuesday, are evoking positive response from Bruneians.

According to a press release, the weekly physical activity session is provided under the signed Memorandum of Agreement between Ministry of Health (MoH) and Fitness Zone.

The session lasts for two hours. It involves a mixture of aerobics training, strength training as well as flexibility training. There are four cohorts each year in the programme and the second cohort has recently started their exercise regime at the Fitness Zone.

Fitness Manager, Rachael Lee said, ‘’It has always been one of our missions here in Fitness Zone to give ample guidance and support to individuals or groups in Brunei who require certified instructor’s health and fitness advises. We do have certified fitness instructors of different specialties to assist different clients to achieving their health needs and fitness goals, as well as a certified nutritionist, Pearlie, who educates and takes care of our members’ daily food intake. We are continuously striving to make health and fitness a lifestyle for everybody in Brunei.’’

Lovely, Group Fitness Supervisor, said, “My mentor, Lyza, who has guided and inspired me from the start of my fitness career, showed me strength through passion while battling with her cancer. That is why it is my honour to be part of Fitness Zone to present our full support by organising ‘She Runs’ for Children’s Cancer Foundation (YASKA).

“I hope that we will get all the support from the woman community in Brunei on May 17 to participate in our all-ladies charity fun run.”

Wu Chun, managing director for ‘She Runs’ said, “Exercising is emerging as one of the most important health-care trends worldwide. Each of us has the skill to educate, motivate, innovate and build relationships for the greater good of the people we work with, for the continued growth of our industry and for the health of our nation. Through ‘She Runs’, we hope to inspire, empower and engage women from all walks of life. Have fun while exercising with a great cause and that’s what ‘She Runs’ is all about!”

‘She Runs’ has come out with race tee sizes ranging from X-small to X-large and it will come with the long-sleeve and the short-sleeve versions. Participants will be able to choose whichever versions they prefer but it will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

According to the Wu Chun, “I designed the ‘She Runs’ race tee based on my inspiration from the Formula One and cycling uniform. We used high quality dri-fit materials so runners won’t feel the burden of sweat soaking in their T-shirts while running.

Pink is one of the fashion trend this year, so there is never a better way to use pink in the first all-ladies charity run in Brunei.”

Source: Borneo Bulletin


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