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Special run privilege for first 20 Baiduri Smart Executive members

29 Apr

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WOMEN who are part of the Smart Executive Programme under Baiduri Bank can now participate in She Runs for free, provided that they are the first 20 to register.

A signing ceremony was held between the charity run’s organiser, Fitness Zone, and the bank to formalise the bank’s sponsorship in the run. Representing the bank was the Head of Business Development and Manager of the Smart Executive Programme, Hjh Maripaz Abdullah, while representing the fitness club was its managing director, Wu Chun.

In a statement, Hjh Maripaz Abdullah shared that the first 20 female members would just have to flash their Smart Executive card at Fitness Zone’s Kiulap branch to be eligible to join for free and the staff there will take care of the rest.

“Team work makes the dream work and I am so thankful for the support I am getting from all the sponsors. Without them, this charity run wouldn’t be possible. By giving back to the society, we also hope to gather active women professionals together to help inspire others, bring awareness to charity work and to join our hands together and do our part in making a difference in the nation,” shared Wu Chun on the run that aims to raise funds for the Children’s Cancer Foundation (YASKA).

She Runs, Brunei’s first female-only charity fun run, consist of two categories: the 3.7km fun run and the TelBru 5km fun run, known as such due to TelBru’s support as the title sponsor of the run.

The charity run, which was previously opened only to 1,000 participants, had an addition of 300 slots on April 27 and was sold out within an hour. As such, registration for the run is officially closed.

Individuals who have already registered are reminded to make their payments by tomorrow from 12pm to 7pm at Fitness Zone Kiulap in order to secure their slots. Participants are also reminded to bring their registration ID confirmation.

Source:The Brunei Times

Kingston to keep runners hydrated during She Runs

29 Apr

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

KINGSTON Beverage & Creamery has signed up to become an official event partner for the all-female She Runs event on May 17.

This was announced yesterday during a press conference at the Kiulap branch of Fitness Zone.

The charity fun run is organised to celebrate the grand launching of Fitness Zone’s All Women’s Health Club at Serusop.

Before the run, participants can get a shot of Red Bull for a boost of energy and during the run, they can stay hydrated with Kingston’s Purity drinking water. When the run is all over, to recover the loss of salts and water from sweating, they can enjoy the Revive Isotonic drink.

Other than keeping the runners hydrated, Kingston will also be conducting fun and exciting games on the day itself such as the Revive ‘Stack the Cans’ challenge and the Kingston ‘Ice Cream eating challenge’ where they can win prizes such as tickets from Royal Brunei Airlines and exclusive items from Fitness Zone.

“We’re keen to support the government’s initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle and we will be doing our best to support healthy activities such as the fun run in the near future,” said the Sales and Marketing Manager, Kevin Robin Jon.

In a statement, Manager of Red Bull Hui Chiet said that She Runs is a unique one-of-a-kind charity run, and that they are glad to help create awareness for children diagnosed with cancer and also give full support to the women in the community.

“We are thankful to have Purity, Revive and Red Bull for their support to keep our runners hydrated throughout the fun run with hydration stations situated along the route,” said Managing Director of Fitness Zone Wu Chun.

The fun run is organised by Fitness Zone in partnership with the Council of Women of Brunei Darussalam to benefit the Children’s Cancer Foundation (YASKA).

Originally, there were only a thousand slots for the run, and it was full within one week of opening the registration. However, according to Wu Chun, the phones have been flying off the hook for people asking to join that the fitness centre has decided to open 300 more slots for the run.

If you are looking to snap up these limited numbers of slots, check the official website or follow Fitness Zone on Facebook at ‘FitnessZoneBrunei’. The organisers will announce the registration opening through these platforms and it will only be open for a limited time.

Source: The Brunei Times

Body Shop supports she who runs

26 Apr
From left to right: Rachel Lee, Fitness Manager of Fitness Zone and Operations Manager of She Runs; Maria Grace Koh, local artist; Josephine C Padilla, Head of Operations and Annie Teow, Training and QC Executive from The Body Shop. – ABDUL: HAKIIM YAKOF

From left to right: Rachel Lee, Fitness Manager of Fitness Zone and Operations Manager of She Runs; Maria Grace Koh, local artist; Josephine C Padilla, Head of Operations and Annie Teow, Training and QC Executive from The Body Shop. – ABDUL: HAKIIM YAKOF

|     Abdul Hakiim Yakof     |

EMPOWERING women is one of the main missions for Brunei’s upcoming first-ever all-ladies charity fun run which will be happening on May 17 called ‘She Runs’. The event will have two categories – 3.7km and 5km.

To accomplish the mission, The Body Shop has come on board to support the event. The Body Shop will be giving away exclusive gift packs with two years free membership to the first 200 participants and exclusive discount vouchers to the remaining participants.

On May 17, The Body Shop will set up a feet pampering station for participants after they have completed their route. Participants can use the products and enjoy the benefits of the excellent feet range from The Body Shop.

Zaslin Maidin, General Manager of The Body Shop said, “It is our pleasure to be part of the event. We’ve always seen ourselves as a lot more than just a beauty company. We passionately campaign for the protection of the environment, contribute as much as we can to local communities and supporting this event will also encourage women to focus on self-esteem. To us, beauty is a feeling, a natural way of being, where character, self-esteem and humour are freely expressed and celebrated. That’s the soul of beauty. It’s not just about looking beautiful. It’s about exuding a vibrant attitude to life.”

Rachel Lee, Fitness Manager of Fitness Zone and Operation Manager of She Runs also commented, “As a woman, my daily beauty regimen comes from having my own style, living my own way and knowing my own mind. I am full of confidence and belief that a healthy and active lifestyle can be pursued by all women. I hope to be able to encourage more ladies to start their exercise routine as it will definitely boost their confidence, just as it did to me. To me, one’s outer beauty is not enough, beauty is all about confidence, charisma and character. Therefore I am grateful to have The Body Shop as part of our ladies’ event who shares the same definition of beauty as I do.”

Present at the official ceremony was a local artist, Maria Grace Koh, also known as Eia. Eia will be one of the speakers giving a speech on the morning of May 17. At 22 years of age, she is now a singer-songwriter known for her songs of different genres.

“I think it’s great that Fitness Zone has teamed up with various associations and sponsors in organising a women exclusive fun run that supports a great cause, as well as promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle, inner and outer beauty, self-confidence, and empowerment. It’s a time where ladies who may be a little more self-conscious will have the freedom to feel comfortable in the environment, and this also ties in to Fitness Zone converting their Serusop branch into an all-women’s club,” said Maria Grace Koh.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

Pampering station for She Runs’ participants

26 Apr


Saturday, April 25, 2015

LADIES who are participating in the first-ever women’s only charity race, She Runs, on May 17 can look forward to tending to their feet after the run as The Body Shop is setting up a pampering station at the event.

Participants, who complete the race, can freely utilise the peppermint range from the beauty store, which are highly recommended for the feet and soles.

In addition, The Body Shop will be giving away exclusive gift packs and discount vouchers as well as a two-year membership for the first 200 paid participants.

This was revealed during a press conference by the beauty brand in collaboration with the charity run’s organiser Fitness Zone at the Kiulap branch of the fitness club yesterday.

Fitness Zone’s Fitness Manager cum Operation Manager of She Runs Rachael Lee said the event is aimed at motivating young ladies to live a healthy lifestyle.

Aside from the announcement, The Body Shop, represented by Head of Operations Josephine Padilla and Training and Executive Annie Teow, handed store vouchers to Lee.

The event also saw local singer and songwriter Maria Grace Koh giving her support to the event. The singer is invited to deliver a speech on the day. As a gesture of appreciation on Koh’s part, the singer presented her debut album to Fitness Zone and The Body Shop.

In a press release by The Body Shop, General Manager Zaslin Maidin said, “It is our pleasure to be part of the event. We passionately… support this event as it will also encourage women to focus on self-esteem.”

For those who are interested in joining the run that is set to benefit Children’s Cancer Foundation (YASKA), visit for more information and to register. Payments are to be made at Fitness Zone, Kiulap. Participants are required to produce their registered ID confirmation slip when making payments. The deadline to register and make payments is on April 30, and payments must be made between 12pm to 7pm. On Fridays, the payment counter will operate after 2pm.

Source: The Brunei Times

Chance to win RB trips with She Runs

24 Apr
Managing Director of Fitness Zone Wu Chun (L) and RB Head of Corporate Communications Azhani Daniel hold a mock ticket at the recent signing ceremony between the national carrier and fitness club. Courtesy of Fitness Zone

Managing Director of Fitness Zone Wu Chun (L) and RB Head of Corporate Communications Azhani Daniel hold a mock ticket at the recent signing ceremony between the national carrier and fitness club. Courtesy of Fitness Zone


Thursday, April 23, 2015

GET a chance to win trips to regional holiday destinations at the upcoming first ever women-only charity fun run, She Runs, organised by Fitness Zone.

The tickets to destinations such as Bali, Manila, Kuala Lumpur Shanghai and Bangkok are sponsored by the event’s official airline partner, Royal Brunei Airlines (RB).

The national carrier signed on board the event as a partner recently at a signing ceremony. Signing on behalf of RB was its Head of Corporate Communications Azhani Daniel while on behalf of Fitness Zone was its Managing Director Wu Chun.

“Being an ambassador for Royal Brunei, we share the same values and always talked about how we can give back to the community. I am really thankful for RB’s continual support towards Fitness Zone and we hope through She Runs event, we not only help to raise awareness for the importance of women’s equality in the society but also to reach out to those that are needed,” said Wu Chun on the run that is set to benefit the Children’s Cancer Foundation (YASKA), especially the running of the foundation’s programmes and activities such as arts and crafts, social outings, fulfilling wish lists and specialised training of manpower.

Azhani, who echoed Wu Chun’s statement, said, “It is part of RB Corporate Social Responsibility to support women and children initiatives and it gives RB a great privilege to support this charity cause.”

She Runs will be held on May 17. Deadline to register is by April 30. For more information on joining the fun run, please visit

Source: The Brunei Times

Fitness Zone conducts all-day Les Mills programme

21 Apr


James Kon     |

FITNESS Zone conducted a Sunday Smash recently where 10 Les Mills class programmes were carried out starting from 8am until 6.30pm.

A total of some 1,500 individuals were present to participate in the event.

According to the Managing Director, Wu Chun, Fitness Zone’s number one goal is to change lives through fitness. “We like to share with the public the exciting journey of exercising, that is why we welcomed non-members as well to the event,” he said.

Les Mills is a group exercise programme founded in New Zealand in 1968 and known worldwide for its mission to create a fitter planet and to inspire people to fall in love with fitness.

Fitness Zone is currently the only health club in Brunei which conducts Les Mills Fitness programmes.


Source: Borneo Bulletin

New Les Mills’ tracks for you

21 Apr


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ABOUT 1,000 individuals came together to take part in Fitness Zone’s first Les Mills Sunday Smash experience, sponsored by 100plus, where 10 class programmes were conducted in one day from 8am to 6.30pm last Sunday.

Being the only health club in the country that offers Les Mills fitness programmes, the grand event was organised to celebrate the quarterly launch of the newly released hot tracks for Les Mills International.

The Fitness Manager of Fitness Zone, Rachael Lee, said: “It was one of the best feelings. As a fitness manager and an instructor for the event myself, I just let myself go and shared my energy with the crowd. My inspiration comes from seeing how the participants transform mentally and physically during this event by overcoming their limits.

“The Les Mills quarterly launch was truly a success. It wasn’t easy but at the same time, it was very rewarding,” she added.

Les Mills International, a group exercise programme known worldwide for its mission to create a fitter planet and to inspire people to fall in love with fitness, are being conducted daily in the Serusop and Kiulap branches of Fitness Zone.

During the Les Mills Sunday Smash event, 135 women also signed up for the upcoming She Runs event which will take place on May 17.

“Almost 700 people have registered as of April 17. Be sure to sign up today at and complete registration payment at Fitness Zone Kiulap before or on April 30, to secure your spot in this meaningful event. I’m sure you won’t want to miss this year,” said the Managing Director of Fitness Zone, Wu Chun.

In addition to the She Runs running T-shirt, bib, finishing medals and exciting vouchers in the running kit, participants will now also be entitled to cool limited edition She Runs temporary tattoo stickers.

For more information or enquiries on either the run or classes available at Fitness Zone, please log on to or, call 2233338 or 2448488.

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