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Basketball Clinic with Francis Barcellano

31 Aug
Basketball Clinic at Fitness Zone

Basketball Clinic at Fitness Zone

We’ve reverted the training back to every Friday, 2.30pm-4pm as per request.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Gear up for UBD run

27 Aug
UBD Green Run will be held on September 14. Get a fitness workout in time for the run during its three session, September 5, 8 and 10.BT/Hafiizah Maideen

UBD Green Run will be held on September 14. Get a fitness workout in time for the run during its three session, September 5, 8 and 10.BT/Hafiizah Maideen

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

GET a fitness boost a week before UBD Green Run 2014 with Grit Cardio boot camp by Fitness Zone as the health centre collaborated with the university to become the run’s official health partner.

Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) has taken the initiative to promote green awareness and healthy lifestyle by organising the UBD Green Run 2014, happening this September 14. As the official health partner, Fitness Zone’s Fitness Manager Rachael Lee will conduct three sessions of the workout at UBD’s Sports Complex on September 5, 8 and 10 starting from 5.30pm.

The workout is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) structured to match up with upbeat music, scientifically proven to increase a person’s cardiovascular fitness overtime.

“Grit Cardio has helped me a lot in improving my general fitness for my own running and sports,” said Rachael Lee. “I am excited to introduce this training programme to Bruneians and hopefully they will love the workout as much as I do.”

Fitness Zone will also give out three days passes to runners who showed their running bib to the health centre, and also membership prizes to winners from four categories of the run.

On the sidelines, Fitness Zone welcomes the public to join its Hari Raya Open House 2014 today and tomorrow, starting from 5.15pm to 8pm. Activities such as dance exercises will be planned as well as hampers to be won.

Registration for the run can be made on until August 31.

Source: The Brunei Times

Wu Chun tapped as RB’s first brand ambassador

22 Aug

Saturday, August 9, 2014

BRUNEIAN celebrity Wu Chun has been tapped to be Royal Brunei Airlines’ (RB) first brand ambassador as the carrier looks to capitalise on the China market.

This was revealed by RB Deputy Chairman Dermot Mannion, who said yesterday that Wu Chun, whose birth name is Goh Kiat Chun, is the “ideal choice” to carry the brand with his combination of regional celebrity and image as a family man.

Wu Chun’s campaign as a brand ambassador will kick off in Shanghai on August 21, where RB flies to four times a week.

“The press conference in Shanghai will give us an opportunity to introduce Wu Chun to his fans in China and we believe that it will be a very good event to promote both the airline, and Brunei as a tourist destination,” said Mannion.

Asked if the airline would increase flights to China following the move, the deputy chairman did not give specifics but said that the carrier was looking to “expand services” to China.

“These are early days, as our brand ambassadorship is just getting started. (At the moment) we are all about building awareness about RB and Brunei,” he added.

He also noted that Brunei’s recent expansion of routes, especially to Denpasar in Bali, has been gaining strong traffic, with a good number of Chinese tourists flying RB. “Tourists from Shanghai have been coming through Brunei, spending a night or two here before moving on to Denspasar. The early indications are positive.”

Meanwhile, Wu Chun, who shot to fame as part of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit while also starring in several Taiwanese films and television shows, said that RB’s expansion and quality of service were the reasons behind him backing the airline.

“I have been brand ambassador for (other) companies … but I’ve never had the chance to represent something that is truly Bruneian. It’s a privilege and I’m truly excited,” said the 34-year-old.

“I have seen their (RB’s) improvement over the years when taking their flights, and what separates them from other airlines is their unique hospitality. The RB brand is about showing Brunei’s culture and values, treating their customers like family.”

The Brunei Times

Wu Chun becomes face of RB

22 Aug
Wu Chun with RB’s Deputy Chairman, Dermot Mannion, and RB cabin crew. – AZARAIMY HH

Wu Chun with RB’s Deputy Chairman, Dermot Mannion, and RB cabin crew. – AZARAIMY HH

|     Azaraimy HH     |

BRUNEI-BORN celebrity, Wu Chun, has notched another level of success as he takes on the role as the Royal Brunei Airlines (RB) International Brand Ambassador.

Wu Chun will be featured as RB’s international brand ambassador with an official signing ceremony set to be held in Shanghai on August 21, 2014, which will kick-start the campaign and activities.

This announcement was yesterday made by RB Deputy Chairman Dermot Mannion during a press conference at The Empire Hotel & Country Club. Wu Chun’s appointment as brand ambassador has been received well across inbound travel agents and tourism officials.

Tourism Development Department Acting Director Mariani Hj Sabtu described it as being an interesting time for the industry, adding, “not only will he represent the RB brand, which is a national flagship carrier, he will indirectly become the face of the nation’s tourism industry, which is, if you think about it, a very significant role”.

Dermot Mannion said, “Wu Chun’s celebrity status in our regional market, together with his renowned image as a family man, makes him the ideal choice to represent the RB brand. His popularity will serve to better introduce RB and Brunei as a destination in the all-important China market and across Asia. RB is looking forward to a year of strategic marketing activities and exploring more collaboration in the future with Wu Chun in his ambassadorial role.”

Meanwhile, Wu Chun said, “I was introduced to RB’s brand attributes – authentic, gracious, delightful and optimistic – which I find very fitting for my image as a family man, entrepreneur and celebrity. As a Bruneian, to say that I am delighted to be linked to the RB brand is an understatement.”

Wu Chun speaks at the press conference as RB Deputy Chairman Dermot Mannion looks on. Wu Chun’s appointment as brand ambassador has been received well among travel agents and tourism officials. – AZARAIMY HH

Wu Chun speaks at the press conference as RB Deputy Chairman Dermot Mannion looks on. Wu Chun’s appointment as brand ambassador has been received well among travel agents and tourism officials. – AZARAIMY HH


At the press conference, the announcement was met with delight not only for Wu Chun and the RB team, but also those from the Brunei Tourism Department, which hopes that Wu Chun plays a key role in introducing Brunei as a tourism destination especially in areas of agro-tourism and eco-tourism.

Wu Chun, who – despite having shot to fame overseas, is proud to be Bruneian, told the press conference, “I had previously been involved with big brands like Coca Cola and Levy. But, as a Bruneian, being able to represent our own Bruneian brand is a dream come true.”

Over the past 10 years, travelling had become part of his lifestyle, with almost 100 days a year spent onboard RB. This allowed him the chance to grow close to the RB crew, and now he feels honoured to finally join in as ‘one big family’.

Dermot Mannion added, “Wu Chun recently participated in a very successful reality TV show called ‘Dad is Back.’ I am excited to say that daddy has come back.

“This is a proud occasion for us. Wu Chun is a proud citizen of this country, who has gained an international reputation of being a family man and instilling family values – attributes that we at Royal Brunei Airlines as an airliner and indeed Brunei as a country, are seeking to promote. We are delighted to welcome Wu Chun as our very first international brand ambassador.

“His popularity is immense right across the Asian region, especially in China. The first major port of call after this announcement will be Shanghai on August 21, where we will have a major international launching event. There will be other events planned for our 40th anniversary in mainland China and elsewhere,” Mannion added.

Mariani Hj Sabtu noted that Wu Chun is the best choice for the role as his popularity is not just within the region, but also in Asia and beyond, including the Chinese population in US and other parts of the world.

With regard to promotion efforts, she explained that marketing and promotion activities are needed continuously. Additionally, there are also activities with event agencies to further boost the Brunei tourism image, and efforts to build tourism products with the help of other agencies.

The Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources through the Brunei Tourism Development Department is also encouraging investment into the tourism industry in the country, and is also looking into products considered strong points for Brunei, such as Agro-Tourism and Eco-Tourism activities.

Grit Cardio Bootcamp

17 Aug

Shout out to all UBD Green Run participants! Come and test your cardio fitness level with Fitness Zone’s best High Intensity Training Group Exercise!


Grit Cardio Bootcamp

Grit Cardio Bootcamp


‘Green Run’ for UBD’s new Alumni Building

14 Aug

Thursday, August 14, 2014

UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam will hold its first “Green Run” on September 14, to help raise money for the construction of its Alumni Building.

Members of the public are invited to participate in the run, which include the 3km fun run, the 5km and 9.5km run. The event will begin at 7am at the UBD Sports Centre.

Deputy Director of the Office of Alumni Relations and Advancement (OARA), Lim Kok Shien, said participants can register for the event online.

In line with UBD’s ‘green’ efforts, registration will be paperless and runners can also download their certificate of participation online.

“We hope these little steps that we are taking can help preserve the earth for our future generation,” said Lim during an event at UBD yesterday.

The UBD Green Run is organised by OARA, with support from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health, Armtrix, Fitness Zone and Green Apeel.

Lim said the Alumni Green building – designed by Eco Bumi Architects – will be located close to sports complex and should be completed next year.

The building will be equipped with ‘green’ technology such as solar panels and a garden on the rooftop, as opposed to the traditional cement rooftops.

“UBD is also making more efforts to increase environmental conciousness such as by providing recycle trash bins throughout campus,” he added.

Lim said he hopes OARA will be a platform to engage alumni in collaborative work with both the public and private sectors. UBD has produced around 18,000 graduates since its establishment in 1985.

Source: The Brunei Times

Foodpanda now delivers healthy meals

9 Aug

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

NOW you can have healthy meals delivered to your doorstep as Brunei’s first food delivery service, Foodpanda, has teamed up with The Energy Kitchen and Fitness Zone.

Less than a month after its successful launch, Foodpanda now offers delivery services from more than 30 restaurants in the Brunei-Muara District and is keen to add and expand more in Brunei.

“We are constantly looking to bring greater variety of food to customers,” said Claudio Abitante, managing director of Foodpanda, during the press conference at Fitness Zone yesterday.

For The Energy Kitchen and Fitness Zone, the tie-up will help to encourage Bruneians especially those with busy schedules to join in the concept of healthy eating and maintaining an active lifestyle.

“Now that healthier alternatives of food are easily accessible, everyone should try to eat a balance diet in order to achieve good quality of life,” said Wu Chun, owner of The Energy Kitchen and Managing Director of Fitness Zone, which became the official health partner.

With a minimum order of $15 from Foodpanda, customers will receive a one week membership at the health club.

Besides delivery, Foodpanda also offers take-away and pre-order options. Customers can skip queues and order food on the go or pre-order meals from their favourite restaurants. Currently delivery orders are taken via their website and mobile application on iOS, Google Play and Windows Store.

For more information, please call Fitness Zone at 223 3338 and The Energy Kitchen at 223 3323 or visit the website, or Facebook page – FitnesszoneBrunei. – Hafiizah Maideen

Source: The Brunei Times


Fitness Zone and Energy Kitchen cook up deal with Foodpanda

9 Aug
Wu Chun (C) with Claudio Abitante (2nd R) and other members of Foodpanda at The Energy Kitchen posing with food samples yesterday. – DANIAL NORJIDI

Wu Chun (C) with Claudio Abitante (2nd R) and other members of Foodpanda at The Energy Kitchen posing with food samples yesterday. – DANIAL NORJIDI

|     Danial Norjidi     |

FITNESS Zone and The Energy Kitchen officially cemented a deal with food delivery service Foodpanda yesterday to begin bringing healthy eating with an added touch of convenience to households in Brunei.

Wu Chun, the owner of The Energy Kitchen and Fitness Zone, signed the contracts with Claudio Abitante, the Managing Director of Foodpanda yesterday, finalising the deal between them.

Fitness Zone, as part of the deal, will become the official health partner of Foodpanda, and the health club’s involvement also with it a special promotion, where customers who order a minimum of $15 at The Energy Kitchen or $30 at other participating restaurants through Foodpanda will receive a free one-week Fitness Zone membership.

As Wu Chun said, “This collaboration is in line with Fitness Zone’s CSR project to encourage Bruneians to keep an active lifestyle and enjoy the many good things life can bring to you when you are fit and healthy.”

In addition, The Energy Kitchen now has its healthy dishes available to customers via delivery through Foodpanda.

The restaurant works to bring the concept of healthy eating to Bruneians, by encouraging people to join the “EAT SMART Revolution” and “Enjoy Real Food”.

The Energy Kitchen aims to prove that healthy food can taste good with a number of flavoursome dishes like baked sweet potato wedges, superfood salad, the energy burger, salmon soba and many more.

As a statement from the restaurant reads, now that The Energy Kitchen has partnered with Foodpanda to provide a delivery service, “Bruneians do not have any more excuses not to be healthy.”

Wu Chun explained, “We have always envisioned people having healthier alternatives to whatever is available out there. Now that we are working with Foodpanda, healthy meals are much more easily accessible to everyone out there.

“Everyone should try to eat a balanced diet and have an active lifestyle in order to achieve a good quality of life,” he added. “We think this will be a very meaningful partnership between Fitness Zone, The Energy Kitchen and Foodpanda.”

Foodpanda is fast becoming more and more well-known in Brunei as a new way to order and enjoy food.

Customers can skip queues and order food online for delivery, take-away or pre-order from over 30 restaurants in Brunei. Orders can be made via their website or mobile application on iOS, Google Play or Windows Store.

Foodpanda’s Managing director said yesterday, “We are constantly looking to bring a greater variety of food to customers and healthy eating is defininitely the upcoming trend everywhere around the world nowadays.

“The Energy Kitchen offers completely new cuisine and we are very proud and excitied to have them,” he added. “We hope to have and incorporate healthy food and healthy living in Brunei.”

Following what they called “an overwhelming response” to their recent launch in the Sultanate, Foodpanda is now looking to aggressively grow further by expanding to other parts of Brunei and adding more restaurants to their list.

A local health enthusiast named Jamillah is quoted in a statement from Fitness Zone and The Energy Kitchen.

Speaking on the restaurant’s collaboration with Foodpanda, she said, “I think this would really suit a busy person such as myself who sometimes finds it very difficult to find healthy food – sometimes I even miss my meals due to my busy schedule! Well, not anymore with Foodpanda and The Energy Kitchen.”

Source: Borneo Bulletin

Great offer from Fitness Zone

6 Aug
Place an order today and receive a 1-week pass from us!

Place an order today and receive a 1-week pass from us!

Order a minimum of $15 at The Energy Kitchen and $30 at other participating restaurants to receive a 1-week free pass to Fitness Zone! Don’t miss the great offer.

*Limited to first timer only.

Les Mills Challenge 2014

5 Aug
Les Mills Challenge 2014

Les Mills Challenge 2014

Free for all! Not charges is applicable! Members and non-members are welcome to join us at the event on 27 and 28 August, Kiulap MPH!