Fitness Zone is health partner for WCOPA Brunei team

20 Jun

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

FITNESS Zone is giving its support to the Brunei team, who will be competing at the upcoming World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, by becoming their health partner.

This was announced by Managing Director of the fitness club, Wu Chun, who is also Brunei’s very own celebrity, at a press conference yesterday at Fitness Zone.

Under the memorandum of understanding, the delegates can choose from a variety of group exercise classes, ranging from dance cardio to high intensity strength classes. Aside from that, there are plenty of gym exercise equipment for them to utilise.

Wu Chun said it is crucial for the candidates to be fit and healthy, both physical and mental tenacity to avoid any nervous breakdown.

“Having a strong mentality up on the stage is very important. Many studies show that exercising positively collates with improving mental strength, hence performance.”

Aside from the signing of the agreement, five WCOPA delegates had the chance to give a one-minute sneak peek of powerful vocals and convincing acts to the members of the media as well as the rest of attendees.

“They make me feel like going back to singing and acting again,” said Wu Chun of the performances.

“They know how to make original music and they have a talent in playing musical instruments,” he added as he handed out books, which he read back during his early career as a performing artist.

Also in attendance at the event was Jane Koh, a mother of one of the delegates, Maria Grace Koh, who said that by sending Bruneian to Tinseltown, it will give them the right exposure and experience to hone in their creativity.

Present as well was the Licensed National Director of WCOPA, Prismworks, represented by its national director, Jeffrey E Cadayong, who mentioned that the delegates are predicted to leave the Sultanate on July 8 and will be competing from July 11 to 20.

A fundraising fitness marathon will be held on June 21 to support the WCOPA Brunei team. Organised by Fitness Zone, the fundraiser is priced at $5 per person. Programmes lined up for the event are Body Jam, Body Combat and Body Balance, which will be conducted by certified instructors of the fitness club.

For enquiries on how to be a sponsor or a partner, kindly contact Prismworks at or follow its Instagram at @officialwcopabrunei.

Source: The Brunei Times


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