Show support to local filmmakers, Wu Chun urges Bruneians

20 Apr
Wu Chun together with the organising committee of Film Festival UBD 2014. – AZIZ IDRIS

Wu Chun together with the organising committee of Film Festival UBD 2014. – AZIZ IDRIS

|     Aziz Idris     |

LOCAL filmmakers need the right support from local audience in order to promote the film industry in Brunei.

This was highlighted by international superstar Wu Chun at the short films screening in conjunction with the Film Festival UBD 2014 at The Core Residential College, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, yesterday.

Wu Chun, who is also the Event Ambassador of the Film Festival UBD 2014, applauded the local filmmakers who contributed their short films for the screening.

“I’d like to see more because I know Bruneians are quite talented,” he said, adding that some of the works (films) were “creative” and that he will be more than happy to be involved (in local films), if given the chance.

Prior to the screening, Wu Chun had the opportunity to meet local filmmakers and fans at the participating booths.

He was impressed with UBD for offering short filmmaking classes – something he thinks can be very beneficial.

“There have been a few producers who spoke to me about filming in Brunei, but we don’t have the manpower to get overseas crew to come, it is almost impossible.

“By UBD providing the platform for local filmmakers in these short courses, I believe that we might be able to get locals involved in overseas film production or vice versa,” he explained.

In view of the future of Brunei film industry, Wu Chun expects more local film makers to step forward as the industry is very new.

“It’s okay to make mistakes because that is the only way to improve. Never be afraid to try,” he advised.

A total of eight short films were screened yesterday – “Letting Go” by Solace Films, “Padah” by Affinity Production, “Roast Lamb” by Roast Lamb, “Inside the Room” by A Rapscallion Production, “Dwight: A Never-Ending Story” by Dwight, “I Wish I Had You” by Nostril Production, “A Far Away” by Tinymatt Box Production and “YES!” by Aitibi Production.

The film screening will continue today over five sessions at 10am, 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm and 4pm.


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