Fitness Zone celebrates 11th anniversary and organises blood donation

9 Mar
Wu Chun and some of the donors. – JAMES KON

Wu Chun and some of the donors. – JAMES KON


|     James Kon     |

TO CELEBRATE Fitness Zone’s 11th anniversary and also International Women Day, Fitness Zone yesterday organised a blood donation drive that attracted a total of 63 donors including Wu Chun.

Wu Chun, founder of Fitness Zone, said in an interview, “We organise blood donation campaign for two to three times a year, and this is the first for this year.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of especially when it helps people who are in need of blood and our decision will be live-saving. This is my fifth time participating in blood donation. I also understand that donating blood brings health benefits. Every time you release blood, you also lower your iron levels, which according to CNN, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

According to the Miller-Keystone Blood Centre (a non-profit organisation that supplies blood products across the US), he said, “Regular blood donation can also reduce the risk of cancer in the liver, lungs, throat, colon, and stomach. By being a regular donor, you help your body replenish itself and this will allow your body to work more efficiently.”

To encourage people to donate blood, Fitness Zone is giving out a two-week membership pass to all donors. The next blood donation event is scheduled to be held in October.

He also highlighted, “One of Fitness Zone’s mission is to make Bruneian women stronger as 80 per cent of our members are females. We have about 400 women members who have stayed with us since 11 years ago and we have about 7,000 women in Brunei who have joined us since 2003.

“Furthermore the reason why we have Live Band is because I believe that music can ease the tension for those who are scared and I actually encouraged a number of first timers to donate today.

“Few years back, I was afraid too, but there is always a first time, and that is what heroes are made of … overcoming fears to do something meaningful and I am glad that we have so many heroes today,” he added.

Wu Chun also took the opportunity to thank Mr Baker and Fitness Zone Live Band for their support and also the RIPAS Hospital Blood bank team.

Source: Borneo Bulletin


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