BIBD promotes healthy lifestyle

9 Mar
THE “BIBD Challenge" was feted with a closing ceremony held at Fitness Zone Branch in Kg Kiulap

THE “BIBD Challenge” was feted with a closing ceremony held at Fitness Zone Branch in Kg Kiulap


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

THE “BIBD Challenge” that was launched on February 15 has come to a successful end and was feted with a closing ceremony held at Fitness Zone Branch in Kg Kiulap, officiated by Hj Minorhadi Hj Mirhassan, Head of Institutional Banking cum Head of BIBD Sports & Recreation Club (BIBD SRC).

The “BIBD Challenge” organised for the first time by BIBD SRC, aimed to promote healthy lifestyle through the consumption of healthy and nutritious food, as well as carrying out regular phyiscal exercise.

The event was jointly organised by Jasra Harrison, who prepared the dietary programme and supported by Fitness Zone, in charge of workout activities.

The challenge which ran for two weeks attracted a total of 60 BIBD employees, grouped into teams of three members with the objective to provide moral support to their members.

Each team was given a strict dietary programme for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which included Fitness Cereal as the main staple food for the participants.

This is in addition to an exercise regime to be carried, all of which aimed to help them achieve the targeted weight loss. At the end of “The Challenge”, participants were expected to lose between 2kg to 4kg.

The highlight of the closing ceremony was the final weigh-in for allparticipants, which was then followed by a presentation of prizes to the team who had successfully lost the most weight.

The members of the winning team each received prizes which included a return ticket to Singapore and a Nestle food hamper both sponsored by Jasra Harrison, as well as a cash prize worth $200 sponsored by BIBD SRC.

Meanwhile, first and second runners-up team members were each presented with a Nestle food hamper and cash prizes worth $150 and $100 respectively.

Commenting on this activity, Hj Minorhadi, strongly supports the efforts initiated by BIBD SRC which is also the first for BIBD, as it is geared towards promoting a healthy lifestyle and developing self discipline.

He praised the participants for stepping forward, daring to rise to and endure “The Challenge”.

“The Challenge” initiative also received positive reviews from the participants, where they felt a sense of satisfaction and achievement in being able to complete the two-week challenge, despite initial difficulty in trying to stick to the diet and exercise programme.

Source: The Brunei Times


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