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Motivational talk for Healthy Lifestyle Clinic programme participants

31 Mar
Wu Chun in a group photo with participants of the latest Healthy Lifestyle Clinic programme. – JAMES KON

Wu Chun in a group photo with participants of the latest Healthy Lifestyle Clinic programme. – JAMES KON

|     James Kon     |

IT WAS a turning point for Awang Mohd Noor Faizal bin Hj Mohd Osmena when he knew that he needed to change his lifestyle for good after doctors repeatedly told him about his dangerous high blood pressure condition.

Setting his priority right that is to lose weight and stay healthy through healthy lifestyle, the 29-year-old joined the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic programme under Health Promotion Centre in 2012 and came out 15 kilogrammes lighter and with a stabilised blood pressure condition. This also cured his asthma condition.

As a good example of a success story, Awang Mohd Noor Faizal bin Hj Mohd Osmena yesterday gave a motivational talk to the new batch of participants for the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic Programme where 42 individuals will start a life-changing path to live healthier.

Over the past years, Healthy Lifestyle Clinic programme with the collaboration of the Health Promotion Centre (HPC), Ministry of Health and Fitness Zone has been successful where 85 per cent of the participants managed to lose weight.

In an interview with the Bulletin, he recalled his decision to turn to the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic Programme under the Health Promotion Centre. “I was twice told by doctors that I had high blood pressure however I ignored the doctor’s advice. It wasn’t until the third time when the doctor told me that I had high blood pressure that I realised how serious it was.”

He continued, “One of my colleagues who joined the healthy lifestyle programme successfully lost weight, that is why I made the decision to join. I was 90kg when I joined in 2012 and now I am 75kg. I was also an asthma patient and used inhaler frequently. Now I only need to use an inhaler when I have an allergic attack. ”

Losing weight is not easy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is even harder. Awang Faizal’s high spirit of commitment and determination came through support from family and friends.

His routine is to exercise at least one hour for six days in a week.

He also has a regime of balanced diet that includes oats, wholemeal bread and yoghurt as well as ordinary meals. As a member of Fitness Zone, Awang Mohd Faizal also goes to the gym for fitness classes.

Wu Chun, the founder of Fitness Zone was also present at the event to give support to the participants.

He was impressed with Awang Mohd Noor Faizal’s achievement and hopes that other participants can emulate his success.

In this latest programme the number of participants was a bit smaller, the Healthy Lifestyle Clinic explained that the programme is being expanded to Sungai Liang Health Centre for the first time. This will begin on April 3. It was also revealed that Temburong will also have its own Healthy Lifestyle Clinic Programme soon.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

A healthy lifestyle for all as Fitness Zone celebrates 11th anniversary

31 Mar
His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam tours one of the Fitness Zone branches with Wu Chun (ABOVE), who also poses in a group photo with Fitness Zone members (BELOW). Fitness Zone celebrates its 11th anniversary

His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam tours one of the Fitness Zone branches with Wu Chun (ABOVE), who also poses in a group photo with Fitness Zone members (BELOW). Fitness Zone celebrates its 11th anniversary

|    James Kon    |

FITNESS Zone recently celebrated its 11th anniversary and is easily considered one of the leading fitness centres in Brunei Darussalam, after achieving the milestone of recording more than 10,000 registered members.

Eleven years ago the founder of Fitness Zone, Wu Chun, faced a lot of initial skepticism when he put forward his idea of establishing a top-notch fitness centre

Wu Chun recalled and said during an interview with the Bulletin, “Many people said to me it will not work because Bruneians are not ready for such a huge range of fitness and gym facilities. Many said that I would be wasting money and time.

“For myself, if there is a passion to help people, it will work. From the beginning our vision was to change the life of our members to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which led to our slogan ‘changing life through fitness’.

In addition to promoting fitness in the gym, Wu Chun also stressed on the importance of instilling an active lifestyle in the younger generation.

Wu Chun promotes the 11th anniversary of Fitness Zone

Wu Chun promotes the 11th anniversary of Fitness Zone


A workout session in progress. Fitness Zone prides itself on bringing in a variety of foreign fitness regimes  -  PHOTOS: JAMES KON

A workout session in progress. Fitness Zone prides itself on bringing in a variety of foreign fitness regimes – PHOTOS: JAMES KON

Wu Chun attends a fitness convention

Wu Chun attends a fitness convention

He said, “We also go to schools to raise awareness on healthy and active lifestyles through clinics with students. Students don’t have to go to the gym to accomplish this, as long as they maintain an active lifestyle.

“My aspiration is that Brunei Darussalam will be a healthy nation. This will not only reduce the government’s medical expenses but also increase productivity,” he added.

He also pointed out that, “We want members to have fun while exercising and not to feel like they are suffering while exercising. This is the reason why Fitness Zone brought in a variety of foreign fitness programmes, which have become a success.”

Currently, an increasing number of corporate organisations in the country have also started to look to Fitness Zone in a bid to help their employees get fit and healthy. Local companies like DST and BIBD as well as others have signed up with Fitness Zone for corporate membership for their staff.

Commenting on this Wu Chun said, “Corporate membership is very popular overseas and now is picking up in the country.

“Starting this year, there have been many corporations approaching us to sign for corporate membership.”

Over the last 11 years, the fitness centre has been involved in numerous events such as tree planting, ‘No Plastic Bag Day’, beach and coastal clean-up campaigns, ‘Earth Hour’ as well as helping the underprivileged and raising funds for charity.

Wu Chun said, “At Fitness Zone, caring for the community is one of our core values. We also recognise that it is our duty to create a platform for our members to engage in more worthy causes. That is why we have been driven to work in partnership with local people and organisations to hold various events and campaigns aimed at enhancing public awareness of the importance of creating a sustainable environment for all.”

After 11 years of success, Wu Chun is looking to increase the capabilities and quality of its instructors, trainers and advisers for the benefit of Brunei’s citizens.

Meanwhile, Wu Chun disclosed that in the future, “Our Serusop branch will be expanding while there is also a possibility of opening a new branch in Kuala Belait. The Kiulap branch will see the introduction of functional training.”

 Source: Borneo Bulletin

Fitness Zone launches Les Mills new moves this April!

30 Mar
Join us at the launch party this April

Join us at the launch party this April

New moves, new musics! Don’t miss the launch party happening at Ftness Zone this April!

*Approach our service staff for more information

Fitness Zone fetes 11 years with marathon

23 Mar


Adib Noor
Bandar Seri Begawan
Thursday, March 20, 2014

FITNESS Zone yesterday celebrated its 11th birthday with a two-hour dance fitness marathon at its multipurpose hall of the Kiulap branch.

A total of 100 participants, comprising members of the club as well as the public, who had generously contributed a door entrance of $8 towards the health club’s charity box, took part in the marathon which included zumba, Les Mills SH’BAM and Les Mills BodyJam.

“With just a couple of months of preparation into tonight’s event, we have received an overwhelming number of participants. We also received major support from Nestle Fitness and M-image Hair and Beauty Salon in contribution to our prizes,” said Rachael Lee, fitness manager of Fitness Zone during the memorable event.

“Today we are celebrating Fitness Zone’s 11th anniversary. Although it has been tough, but seeing more and more Bruneians getting active and conscious with their health and fitness had made me even more aggressive towards my initial goal which is to inspire all Bruneians to the world of fitness,” said Wu Chun, the managing director of the health club.

Over the years Fitness Zone has made great collaborations with numerous health conscious companies, most notably the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health to fight against obesity in the country. The health club also thanked its members for their continuous support in pursuing their health and fitness goals with them. In conjunction with Fitness Zone’s anniversary, the health club is offering members as well as the public amazing promotions. To find or more just drop by to any of the Fitness Zone branches in the sultanate or call 2233338.

For the latest news and happenings from Fitness Zone visit or its official Facebook page.

Source: The Brunei Times

Fitness Zone celebrates 11th year anniversary

23 Mar
A dance performance during the event. – FADHIL YUNUS

A dance performance during the event. – FADHIL YUNUS

|     Fadhil Yunus     |

IN CONJUNCTION with Fitness Zone’s 11th year anniversary, the Born To Move lifestyle and fitness event was held at its main branch in Kiulap Wednesday.

Among the highlights of the event were a special performance by Roger and a ‘party class’ divided into two parts.

Dozens of gym members also took part in Zumba, Sh*bam and Body Jam sessions.

There were also hamper prizes as well as a special prize for the winner of ‘The Killer of the Dancefloor’.


Source: Borneo Bulletin


First Functional Training Zone in Town!

16 Mar
Get ready for the first Functional Training Zone in town!

Get ready for the first Functional Training Zone in town!


Our weight studio at Kiulap, Level 3, will be closed for renovation from 21 to 31 March.

Get ready for the first Functional Training Zone in town!

Basketball Clinic 2014

16 Mar
basketball Clinic for youngster this March!

Basketball Clinic for youngster this March!

Don’t miss the basketball clinic this March conducted by former PBL player Francis Barcellano.

Members and non-members are welcome to join us at a registration fee of $15 and $30 respectively.

*Please bring along your own basketball for the classes.

3 days Les Mills certification workshop held at Fitness Zone

10 Mar
Wu Chun, Managing director of Fitness Zone together with the participants of Les Mills certification workshop

Wu Chun, Managing director of Fitness Zone together with the participants of Les Mills certification workshop

6 fitness enthusiasts making up of current Fitness Zone group class instructors and members has gathered for their 3 days intensive training to get themselves licensed to teach one of Les Mills popular high intensity fitness class – Body Attack.

Les Mills BODYATTACK® is the sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises can help you burn 850 calories in just 45 minutes.

BodyAttack’s Master trainer from Les Mills New Zealand – Teoh, who will be guiding these 6 candidates through their grueling training weekend is excited to help Fitness Zone to groom and educate more of the club’s instructors and members to become a better Les Mills Instructor. He is also hoping that more of the locals in the country will soon recognize Les Mills’s fitness magic, thus pursuing a career to instruct its programs.

Les Mills currently provides 12 different fitness class programs, of which Fitness Zone is offering 9 of them. Thus managing director, Wu chun believes and still believes strongly that his 11 yrs old fitness establishment is the only health club in the country to offer the widest variety of group exercise classes to the public. Wu Chun Shared, “It is our duty to help fuel fitness addiction. Clubs globally are looking for fitness programs that members will actually stick to. Research shows that members need motivation and community, especially those new to exercise. We also know that if new members don’t feel successful after their first few workouts, it will be even harder to get them back into the gym and thats one main reason why we have a vast varieties of classes and invites Les Mills New Zealand master trainer to Brunei and get our fitness coaches certified so they can inspire all Bruneians to live healthy in a fun way!”

In conjunction of FZ 11th anniversary, we will be having a 2 hours dance marathon which will dance off at 5pm with allowance for prayer break in between. This joyous event will take place on March 19th 2014 at Fitness Zone kiulap MPH. The dance programs will be consisted of Les Mills SHBAM, Bodyjam and Zumba by our certified instructors. Any interested public and non-members are able to purchase their entrance ticket to the event at $8.00 only, available at FZ kiulap reception counter. All the tickets proceeds will be contributed into our Fitness Zone Charity Fund. 

For more information on your free trial session at the best club in town, please call 2448488 or log on to our website or at Facebook FitnessZoneBrunei

Earth hour 2014

9 Mar
Show your support to Earth Hour 2014

Show your support to Earth Hour 2014

Join us to turn out the lights for Earth Hour on Saturday, March 29 at 8:30 pm and show your commitment to a better future.

Fitness Zone celebrates 11th anniversary and organises blood donation

9 Mar
Wu Chun and some of the donors. – JAMES KON

Wu Chun and some of the donors. – JAMES KON


|     James Kon     |

TO CELEBRATE Fitness Zone’s 11th anniversary and also International Women Day, Fitness Zone yesterday organised a blood donation drive that attracted a total of 63 donors including Wu Chun.

Wu Chun, founder of Fitness Zone, said in an interview, “We organise blood donation campaign for two to three times a year, and this is the first for this year.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of especially when it helps people who are in need of blood and our decision will be live-saving. This is my fifth time participating in blood donation. I also understand that donating blood brings health benefits. Every time you release blood, you also lower your iron levels, which according to CNN, can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.”

According to the Miller-Keystone Blood Centre (a non-profit organisation that supplies blood products across the US), he said, “Regular blood donation can also reduce the risk of cancer in the liver, lungs, throat, colon, and stomach. By being a regular donor, you help your body replenish itself and this will allow your body to work more efficiently.”

To encourage people to donate blood, Fitness Zone is giving out a two-week membership pass to all donors. The next blood donation event is scheduled to be held in October.

He also highlighted, “One of Fitness Zone’s mission is to make Bruneian women stronger as 80 per cent of our members are females. We have about 400 women members who have stayed with us since 11 years ago and we have about 7,000 women in Brunei who have joined us since 2003.

“Furthermore the reason why we have Live Band is because I believe that music can ease the tension for those who are scared and I actually encouraged a number of first timers to donate today.

“Few years back, I was afraid too, but there is always a first time, and that is what heroes are made of … overcoming fears to do something meaningful and I am glad that we have so many heroes today,” he added.

Wu Chun also took the opportunity to thank Mr Baker and Fitness Zone Live Band for their support and also the RIPAS Hospital Blood bank team.

Source: Borneo Bulletin