Wu Chun: Famous household name with a big heart for charity

1 Jan
Wu Chun and team

Wu Chun and team

Wu Chun: Famous household name with a big heart for charity

Zatty Joanda

Monday, December 30, 2013

WU CHUN has become a household name not only in Brunei but also in the Asia Pacific and it is no surprise that he has been busy with a number of events and promotions around the region. Wu Chun is now back in Brunei for some ‘rest and recreation’ after a hectic schedule in which the singer-actor completing two movies and a book release in China.

Sitting comfortably in one of the lounges of his gym, Fitness Zone, Wu Chun spoke to the media about his activities, especially the ones that were done in the later quarter of 2013 and also shared his hopes for the coming new year.

“The new ‘Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Gokumon Juku Satsujin Jiken’ (Kindaichi Case Files: The Prison Cram School Murder Case), a TV movie that I acted in, will be released worldwide on January 4,” said Wu Chun. Kindaichi Part 1, or “Kindaichi Case Files Treasure in Kowloon”, was aired in January 2013 and received favourable reviews from all over Asia. It received an award at the recent Tokyo Drama Awards 2013. This prompted the filming of the new Kindaichi special drama. The Kindaichi Case Files are a drama adaptation of a popular detective manga (Japanese comic). It has been serialised for the past twenty years on the Weekly Shonen Magazine and is known not only in Japan but also around the world.

Another film that the superstar was involved in a Chinese movie called “Yang Guifei” and had recently completed filming as well. The upcoming movie will be released sometime in 2014 and is directed by Cheng Shiqing. The romance movie has a war as its setting, and stars Leon Lai and Fang Bing Bing.

Apart from that, Wu Chun also had a book release and signing in China recently. The book is a self-penned biography called “Ignite Courage” and was launched in October.

In a previous article in The Brunei Times dated October 19, 2013, Wu Chun said that about 20,000 copies has been printed, which have sold out quickly.

In the article, Wu Chun shared that the proceeds from sales of the book will be donated to charity organisations in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. Wu Chun intends to donate the proceeds to a cancer organisation, which is “close to my heart because my late mother was a cancer victim”.

Locally, Wu Chun had done activities that continue to prove that he is a Bruneian with a big heart. Wu Chun and his team had done a number of charitable activities such as providing necessities to underprivileged families, conducted health talks in schools as well as inking agreements with the Ministry of Health with aims to generate awareness among Bruneians with regards to their health through various health campaigns.

“I had asked my manager to squeeze in all my activities together so that I can spend more time in Brunei next year,” said the family-oriented superstar. Wu Chun had also revealed that he is currently looking at scripts for next year and plans to “only do one movie”. He is also looking into a more modern movie instead of medieval period movies as he has previously done.

For 2014, Wu Chun expressed that he hopes to spend more time in Brunei and also will continuously work closely with the Ministry of Health for a healthier society in Brunei. “I hope the Bruneians will work towards a healthier lifestyle and stay healthy!” said Wu Chun in a New Year message.

Source: The Brunei Times



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