FZ contributes to Haiyan victims

30 Nov

ALL proceeds from the Fitness Zone’s monthly in-house event for November will go to victims of the recent super typhoon Haiyan that had devastated the Philippines.

Combining fitness exercise and charity drive, members of Fitness Zone (FZ) took part in the two-hours spinning marathon Wednesday evening.

Members of the club have donated not only in cash but also clothing, food, drinks, medical utilities, and housing needs for the victims

Wu Chun presenting the donation to Philippine Embassy Charge d’Affaires Celeste V Balatbat (R). – FIT-NESS ZONE

Wu Chun presenting the donation to Philippine Embassy Charge d’Affaires Celeste V Balatbat (R). – FITNESS ZONE

FZ opened its doors to members and to the public as a drop off location, and is closely working with LBC on this project.

Wu Chun, the owner of the Fitness Zone, said, “One of Fitness Zone’s visions is to make a difference to others’ lives and that boundaries do not stop once we step out of Fitness Zone. We are always concerned of what’s going on in the communities and will do our part to give a helping hand to those that are in need.”

The greatest satisfaction he said, “is the opportunity to influence others to do something good to the society and i am extremely proud of Fitness Zone members for their kind-hearted donations and support for the Haiyan victim. We received 126 cartons of clothing, food, water and household items. Our old friend, Lotus Light Charity, also donated tons of medical supplies such as bandages, medicine, nasal oxygen cannula for children, gauge swap and rehydrating salt”.

In a speech at the event, Embassy of Philippines Charge d’ Affaires and Minister Celeste Balatbat said, “Being a Fitness Zone member for four years, I have noticed that their contributions to the community are endless and on behalf of the Haiyan victims, i would like to take this opportunity to thank Wu Chun, Fitness Zone staff and members for their generosity. These victims need our support and what we are doing can indeed make a difference to their lives.”

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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