Wu Chun ‘ignites courage’ in biography

21 Oct
Wu Chun’s first-ever biography, ‘Ignite courage’

Wu Chun’s first-ever biography, ‘Ignite courage’

James Kon     |

BRUNEI’S very own international superstar, Wu Chun, has launched his first biography entitled ‘Ignite Courage’ this week.

The book, which took three years to complete, depicts the acclaimed actor’s struggles in his personal life and within the entertainment industry. He hopes to inspire individuals to strive in overcoming any obstacles to achieve their dreams and not take the good things in life for granted.

Prior to launching the book, the star officially announced his marital status and parental pride to be a father. He is a doting dad to his daughter and newborn son who was welcomed into the world last week.

The news of his marriage and children shocked fans and the entertainment industry in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong as well as Japan. However a vast majority supported his decision to come clean.

In a special interview with Wu Chun on his biography, he said, “Basically, the book covers 90 per cent of my life. It took three years to complete and it depicts my journey to fulfilling my dreams as well as the courage, happiness and failures that has made me treasure and appreciate everything in my life more.

“When I think of my life, how it all began, the struggles and things accomplished along the way, it is unbelievable, especially for a kid born in a mysterious, yet very simple and peaceful country called Brunei.

Playing for the National Basketball Team

Playing for the National Basketball Team

“I was a rebellious child who began driving at 14. Then basketball took over my life and I became part of the local basketball national team at 16,” Wu Chun said.

He also revealed intimate details in his book such as meeting his wife and first love at 16, getting his first tattoo at 17, the death of his best friend after a car accident at 21 and also his university life. Never-before seen pictures of the superstar are also featured in the biography.

However, the hardest moment in Wu Chun’s personal life was the passing of his mother. “Her love and responsibility towards the family especially her kind hearted spirit constantly reminded everyone around her to lend a helping hand to those in need. Thus has inspired me to be a great family man and a responsible entrepreneur.

“I feel touched by her benevolence and hopefully, I can follow in her footsteps and make a difference in this world.”

Wu Chun as an infant being held by his mother

Wu Chun as an infant being held by his mother

At 34, Wu Chun has gained one extraordinary lesson which is ‘Life without struggle is a life without growth’. Once I understood this, it created the ‘Positive Spark’ inside me and nothing seemed impossible. I hope this book can ignite the courage inside and inspire you to live your life to the max,” the superstar expressed.

Touching on the challenges to complete the biography, Wu Chun said, “I wrote this book in English and hired a translator to translate the book in Mandarin which was a big challenge. I changed translators thrice and personally invited two of them to Brunei.

“As this book is for charity, I try to minimise the cost of publishing which is also a big challenge. I love to explore and it is similar to setting up my business. People with big budgets can build great things. But with limited budget, great ideas can help achieve the same result as those with a larger capital. I would like to see this happen. And that is also one of the reasons I never sleep more than six hours a day during my last 15 years.

“I also directed the design artwork of this book. It proved to be a challenge given that it is my first time.”

With the launching of his biography and recent announcements, some had speculated that Wu Chun may be retiring from the entertainment industry but the star clarified this issue. “That is not entirely correct. However, my family and I make decisions based on truly what we feel at the moment. My family will remain my number one priority but I am glad that my fans had supported me along the way. Honestly, having a good family makes me feel I have nothing to lose as long as they are by my side. I will always be contented.”

The ‘Ignite Courage’ biography is currently available at Fitness Zone in Chinese. The release of the English edition will be at a later date.


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