Wu Chun launches biography

19 Oct
Wu Chun with his first biography, ‘Ignite Courage’. – JAMES KON

Wu Chun with his first biography, ‘Ignite Courage’. – JAMES KON


Speaking about the book, Wu Chun said, “It’s a record of my entire life. All my struggles, challenges and what I did to overcome the obstacles. By sharing my experience, I hope that I can give out some positive energy to everyone especially the youths.”

He revealed that all proceeds from the sale of the book, which is estimated around $150,000, will be donated to charities in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Brunei Darussalam. In Brunei Darussalam, the proceeds will go to Yayasan Kanser Kanak-Kanak (Children with Cancer) in memory of Wu Chun’s mother who passed away from cancer.

On the response for the book after its launching, Wu Chun said, “It did surprisingly well. Twenty thousand copies were sold out within two weeks in Taiwan.”

On the eve of the book launch in Taiwan, Wu Chun came out publicly to announce that he is married with a daughter.

Despite the shocking announcement, Wu Chun not only earned the majority of his fans’ acceptance and support but also increasing endorsement deals as many felt that Wu Chun’s image has become more mature.

He also received numerous baby gifts from fans overseas that showed support and love for Wu Chun’s family and his new born son.

After the book and the announcement, Wu Chun reassured his fans that he will continue to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. He said, “Nothing has changed. I will still continue to read scripts and if there are scripts that I really love, I will still do it.”

He is taking a three-week break from filming to help out the newborn which he nicknamed “Little Chun” (not an official name). He said, “Sleepless nights and diaper changes are part of fatherhood.”

Wu Chun will go back to filming a movie, ‘Empress Yang Guifei’, in China and also a Japanese movie – second instalment of Kindaichi- in November this year.

Source: Borneo Bulletin



|     James Kon     |

WU CHUN’s first biography, ‘Ignite Courage’, has been a hit worldwide and was sold out in Taiwan after the book was launched two weeks ago.

In Brunei Darussalam, the local born superstar only brought in 100 copies and there are only 40 copies left, which are available at Fitness Zone in Kiulap.

Wu Chun’s biography ‘Ignite Courage’ is priced at $20 each. The English version is scheduled to be released early next year.


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