Fitness Zone appoints new spokesman

18 Oct
Wu Chun (R) witnessing Fakhrul Razi (L) signing a banner which officiates his involvement with Fitness Zone as media spokesperson. BT/Ammirul Adnan

Wu Chun (R) witnessing Fakhrul Razi (L) signing a banner which officiates his involvement with Fitness Zone as media spokesperson. BT/Ammirul Adnan


Friday, October 18, 2013

ONE of the most popular fitness centres in the Sultanate has appointed a successful local artiste, Fakhrul Razi, as its media spokesperson and the face of its latest campaign, yesterday.

The deal was sealed when the singer signed one of the big banners displayed on the centre.

According to Wu Chun, internaltionally renowned celebrity and owner of Fitness Zone, Fakhrul Razi was chosen to front the centre and campaign as he is well-known in the community.

“One whose name is undisputed, when you put it in the same sentence with the word, Greatness,” said Wu Chun.

“As a multiple Gold Medal holder of Performing Arts in the World stage, Fakhrul Razi is our natural choice. We believe by partnering with Fakhrul, we will inspire more people to live healthy, live well and live for greatness,” he added.

The fitness centre owner also talked about the importance and goals of the latest campaign.

Named and themed “Pursue Greatnesss”, the campaign is aimed at inspiring the staff and clients of Fitness Zone as well as the community.

“As the saying goes, good is the opposite of great. We live in a hyper connected world today, to be competitive – s imply being good is not good enough. We need to be great. Greatness is about perseverance, excellence and making personal sacrifices. In order to achieve anything great, you must be physically fit. As a fitness centre, we believe Fitness Zone plays a crucial role in helping you to ‘Pursue Greatness’ ”.

When Fakhrul Razi was asked about about the partnership, he felt humbled and honoured but understood and praised Fitness Zone’s philosophy and campaign in promoting a healthy lifestyle in the Sultanate.

“If you read the advertisement closely, you’d understand that it is more than an endorsement to a gym, but an endorsement for a healthy lifestyle and an attitude for life. Despite my humble achievement recently on the international platform, I believe greatness is a constant pursuit. And it definitely begins with respecting your body and taking full care of it.”

Fakhrul also expressed that being physically fit is an integral part for any musician. In order to perform at an optimal level, having a good voice is not merely enough, you need discipline. Wu Chun added to the statement by saying that performing on stage requires stamina. This can be achieved with physical training. “When you have developed a good lung capacity, the quality of your output will be different,” added Fakhrul.

The Bruneian artiste will not only appear on banners and posters, he will also be actively involved in Fitness Zone’s activities and charity events, stated Wu Chun. “Maybe Fakhrul can sing during the events and entertain the people we are helping,” said Fitness Zone’s owner.

The Brunei Times


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