Wu Chun plays under the guidance of basketball giant Kobe Bryant

15 Aug
Group picture of both teams with Kobe Bryant and Stephon Marbury as well as John Starks

Group picture of both teams with Kobe Bryant and Stephon Marbury as well as John Starks

LOCAL star who has made it big in the world entertainment scene, Wu Chun, last weekend rubbed shoulders with Kobe Bryant, the famous American NBA player at the 3rd Annual Sprite ‘True To Yourself’ Star Basketball charity exhibition in Shanghai, China.

Wu Chun had met Kobe Bryant in a similar charity basketball game previously however it was the first time that Wu Chun got to play under the guidance of Coach Kobe, as the NBA super star is not fit to play after an Achilles injury during the NBA regular season.

This is the third year that Wu Chun has taken part in the charity game with Kobe Bryant.


Wu Chun with famous American NBA player Kobe Bryant

Wu Chun with famous American NBA player Kobe Bryant

The Bruneian celebrity as well as owner of Fitness Zone said, “I have to say thank you to Coca Cola. Being the endorser of this gigantic brand, it has allowed me to enter a totally different basketball world where I get to personally meet the best basketball players in the world.

“Last February, I was invited by Coca Cola to witness the NBA All-Star game in Houston and this time, it’s a very meaningful charity show in China. Coca Cola has also shown their appreciation by giving me their classic Coca Cola bottle with my Chinese name printed on the packaging,” he said.

This year, another two former NBA players, John Starks and Stephon Marbury, also took part in the charity game.

Touching on the differences between this year and the last two years, Wu Chun said the biggest difference was that he had the opportunity to play with and against Kobe Bryant but due to his injuries, he was unable to play this year. However, there were two other NBA players who joined this charity show this year and one of them was John Starks who played for the New York Knicks.

“And I had the opportunity to ask him what it was like to play against the greatest player of all time and his reply was, “MJ is the God of basketball!” That alone really made my day! Also, playing against the NBA all-star guard, Stephon Marbury was exciting because his moves are so quick on the floor,” he said.

Talking about Kobe in real life as a person, Wu Chun said he is very down to earth. Having a superstar basketball player who remembered him and asking what was new with him really made him feel great.

Wu Chun was spotted wearing the wristband and shoe that was inspired by Michael Jordan and he said the wristband was an inspiration from MJ because he never plays without it while the shoes – the Nike ID – had his birth date #10 stitched onto it.

“The feeling of having the one and only Air Jordan in the world just makes me feel more competitive on the floor,” he said.

Some 20,000 fans filled the venue to watch the Taiwanese idols including Wu Chun and NBA stars like Stephon Marburry and John Stark in action while Kobe coached the team. Some of the well-known Taiwanese idols included Jaycee Chan, Jiro Wang, Blackie Kuo and Fu Xinbo.



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