Fitness Zone conducts Boot Camp workout

4 Aug

Fitness Zone reaffirmed their unprecedented commitment in helping the community to lead and promote a healthy lifestyle by accommodating its Muslims’ registered members through the allocation of appropriate time slots to fill in their training activities in view of the month of Ramadhan.

As part of the gym’s monthly programme, a “Boot Camp” workout activity was conducted for this fasting month by two certified Les Mills training instructors on Thursday night around 9:30pm, a time where the Tarawikh prayers have already been completed. The schedule facilitates Muslims with adequate timing to perform their fitness commitments, not limiting to registered members but also their friends and family members.

A section of those who participated in the ‘Boot Camp’ workout. – FADHIL YUNUS

A section of those who participated in the ‘Boot Camp’ workout. – FADHIL YUNUS

The unequivocal commitment underlines the fitness centre’s ambition to provide the community the opportunity to exercise and balance out with their fasting duties. Fitness Zone also believes in consistently improving fitness levels and raising the importance of revitalizing their mental and physical strength.

The “Boot Camp” workout received a fairly encouraging response from its participants which featured a 30-minute session of “Body Combat”, a form of exercise which is built towards increasing motivation through a set of routines and exerting physical movements, normally involving most parts of the body’s anatomy.

Fitness Zone also announced that in addition of their daily programme of activities, separate kickboxing and boxing classes is expected to be held sometime in the future.


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