Organic food highlighted at Fitness Zone

1 Jul
Participants at the closing ceremony of Les Mills programme last Saturday. – SYAZWANI HJ ROSLI

Participants at the closing ceremony of Les Mills programme last Saturday. – SYAZWANI HJ ROSLI


by Syazwani Hj Rosli

THE successful relaunching week of Fitness Zone’s Les Mills programme came to an end yesterday at the Fitness Zone’s Kiulap branch.

The closing ceremony commenced with an awareness session presented by Miss Lily who welcomed members of the public to join her in supporting organic products.

She gave a brief introduction on the recently established non-profit group supporting organic foods called Healthy Organic People and Environment (HOPE). The mission of the group is to create awareness and promote the importance of healthier eating by encouraging its members to grow their own organic vegetables thus making their own natural food as much as possible.

“As we are aware, the majority of commercial products are not only processed with chemical preservatives and colouring but also contain toxic substances such as pesticides, artificial hormones and genetically modified organisms. Such substances have been proven to cause many illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and heart attacks, which are the top three leading causes of death in Brunei. By changing our diet to natural, chemical-free, organic food, we not only reduce our risks of these diseases but we also tend to look and feel better about ourselves,” she said.

She said members of the public are welcomed to support and join the group which can be contacted via the Facebook page HOPE (Healthy Organic People and Environment) or telephone number 8869084.

The closing ceremony continued with the Body Jam session which saw more than 50 participants joining in the fun yet energetic moves led by the instructors from Fitness Zone.


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