Fitness Zone receives international recognition

16 Jun


Wu Chun poses with the BID Award. – JAMES KON

Wu Chun poses with the BID Award. – JAMES KON

FITNESS Zone recently added yet another international accolade to its foundation after BID (Business Initiative Directions) awarded the CQE Century International Quality ERA in the Gold Category to Fitness Zone.

Business Initiative Directions is the leading private organisation awarding companies worldwide. In past years, BID awards have contributed advantages to companies at conventions, both in media attention and technical advantages of quality implementation.

Fitness Zone won the award on the basis of a voting process carried out among all the participating previous awardees. However, the final decision was made by the CQE Selection Committee that is based on the criteria of the principles of the QC100 TQM.

The presentation took place in Switzerland during March. However, Wu Chun could not make it to the event due to the commitment of promoting the action movie he starred in, ‘Saving General Yang’.

Wu Chun, the Managing Director, said, “We are really thankful towards BID for the recognition and for encouraging entrepreneurs like us. This is Fitness Zone’s second international award, with the first being the Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2008 Award at the inaugural Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards, and we will continue to put our passion forward and do our best for the community.”

He added, “This award came unexpectedly and it sure inspires to make a difference in the health and fitness industry of Brunei.

“Ten years in the business, the belief and confidence we have in our services and products are greater than ever. I would like to thank our members for their support, patience and encouragement and most importantly, I would also like to thank my staff for raising the bar and keep up with the pace of the company’s vision. Honestly, I seldom look at the Profit & Loss Statement of the business, I emphasise more on building a culture where all of our staff will focus on doing the right things every day. When you look at the financial side of business too much, you lose the fun and sincerity of doing the business.”

Touching on health, he highlighted, “People are getting busier and busier. We currently work 30 per cent more hours than we did in the 1960s, hence we exercise less or none at all. In some families where both parents go to work, they do not have time to take their children to do sports, and children tend to like eating a lot of junk food and sit for hours to play computer games, they become unhealthy. For us in the fitness industry, the biggest challenge has always been to breakthrough tradition and bring more fun to sports activities. Nowadays, the equipment is better and we see innovations that make exercise in the gym more interesting and inspiring. Meanwhile, we also do a lot of community outreach programmes with our members. Fitness Zone wants to bring health, community and magic to people’s lives.”



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