Fitness instructor shines at Mr Sarawak

1 Jun

EDDIE Chan, a fitness instructor from Fitness Zone, has emerged as the champion of the Light Heavy category in the recently concluded Mr Sarawak 2013 after completing a gruesome strict diet and a balance workout in the fully equipped fitness zone.

With the victory, the 31-year-old who has also gained a spot into the Mr Malaysia competition to be held in Penang from June 14-16.

Eddie Chan (left) holding his Mr Sarawak winning trophy with Wu Chun – Photo: James Kon

Eddie Chan (left) holding his Mr Sarawak winning trophy with Wu Chun – Photo: James Kon

According to Eddie: “I am very happy to win this competition. I had tried to win the Mr Sarawak competition in 2007, 2008 and 2009 but could only settle for the second spot.” Three days before the competition, he said: “To give the body a dry shade look, I have to stop drinking water. To keep the body going, we have to eat foods that are filled with protein and carbohydrate every two hours. “ Before the competition, he trained morning and night every day and also took at least 10 egg yolks each day. His success also came from the complete equipment at Fitness Zone. “The gym has really helped me a lot. The full range of equipment and the professional instructors here have provided me the best training for my competition while Fitness Zone Managing Director Wu Chun is also very supportive.” Meanwhile, Wu Chun congratulated Eddie and said: “We are very excited that he is going to compete in Mr Malaysia. He used to be bulky and he lost some 14kg to join the competition. Eddie really has a lot of passion and is very knowledgeable when it comes to fitness.” “In Fitness Zone, we try to get different field of trainers to cater to the needs of our clients like nutritionist, sport medicine, physiotherapy and so on, “ Wu Chun added. Eddie hoped for a podium finish at the Mr Malaysia competition and later compete at the Mr Asia competition.


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