Fitness Zone instructors get CPR, First Aid certified

21 May
FZ instructors get CPR, First Aid certified

Fitness Zone instructors learning how to wrap bandages during their CPR and First Aid course. (Above) A group photo of Fitness Zone’s new instructors with personnel from the Rokiah Nursing School during their CPR and First Aid course.

FITNESS Zone (FZ) held its fifth certification course on CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and First Aid for its new instructors last weekend.

The course was conducted over two days, teaching the seven new instructors the proper way to carry out life-saving techniques.

The instructors learned how to treat cuts, wounds and burns; how to approach someone who is injured; and how to splint broken bones. They also learned CPR, a technique that uses compressions to the chest to help blood flow to the heart, for use on victims of cardiac arrest.

Fitness Zone Managing Director Wu Chun said, “One of the most rewarding things you can do for your life and others is to get certified in CPR and first aid. It is an advantageous skill that can literally help you save lives in any field, career or even in your own personal life.

Just think of how rewarding it is to save a life with your knowledge and CPR skills.”

Fitness Zone General Manager Citadel Alfaro said, “Wu Chun always reminds us to get all new staff CPR certified. Despite the importance of this skill, many people do not know how to perform it. But when performed quickly and properly, this skill can save someone’s life.”

According to Fitness Zone, the CPR and first aid certification is a compulsory certification that all of its staff must take.

“I want Fitness Zone to be a health club that my members can truly rely on, which is why I made it compulsory that all the staff, whether they are a service attendant, receptionist or a manager, to be CPR and first aid certified, and I truly encourage other health clubs to take this training as well,” said Chun.

“This marks the fifth time that Fitness Zone conducted this certification course. There will be another similar course coming up in June and we welcome the public to join us.”

For more information, please visit any Fitness Zone branch or call 2238888 or log on to or

Source: The Brunei Times

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