Stardom Quest 2 contestants shine at Fitness Zone’s anniversary

17 Apr
Stardom Quest 2 contestants shine at Fitness Zone's anniversary

Stardom Quest 2 contestants shine at Fitness Zone’s anniversary

CONTESTANTS for the Stardom Quest 2 competition shone once again during the 10th anniversary of Fitness Zone recently.

After weeks of vocal training, image improvement workshops and elimination days, the top 12 contestants were invited to perform in front of guests and members of Fitness Zone during the event.

Fitness Zone is one of the partner sponsors for Stardom Quest 2 and the health club had also trained the contestants to improve their image and confidence.

The final round of the competition will be held in Jerudong Amphitheatre on April 27 and tickets are on sale at $10, $20, $30 and are available for purchase at DreamZ CT Sdn Bhd.

Stardom Quest has made another step forward with the act of charity as proceeds of the ticket sales for the final round will go to Yayasan Kanak Kanak Kanser (YASKA) and the Special Olympic Brunei Darussalam (SOBD). Students will get 50 per cent off the ticket sales.

Stardom Quest 2 2013 is brought to you by DreamZ CT Sdn Bhd, MediaHub Event Management and Marketing Solutions, Kingston Pepsi, Fitness Zone, IA Salon, Deseo, Jen Studio, Aewon, Imagine Music Singapore, The Face Shop, O3, Aiking Trading, C.Tech Sdn Bhd, FYFE Borneo Sdn Bhd, Energy Heavy Equipment and Hui Huang Enterprise and You C1000.

For more information on the event call DreamZ CT Sdn Bhd at 2457108, 8962085, 8187522 or 8160020.

The Brunei Times


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