Fitness Zone relaunches Les Mills programmes

24 Jan
Les Mills fitness programme participants moving to the 2013 music during the relaunch at Fitness Zone Kiulap.

Les Mills fitness programme participants moving to the 2013 music during the relaunch at Fitness Zone Kiulap. Picture: BT/Ammirul Adnan

Ammirul Adnan

FITNESS Zone, the number one health club in Brunei, paved its way into the first quarter of 2013 by relaunching its Les Mills fitness programmes.

The 2013 programmes have lined up new moves and new music to challenge even the fittest members. But they will also give a new feel and motivation that will drive its members to perform at their peak.

Fitness Zone is considered one of the first in Brunei’s fitness industry to bring in the Les Mills fitness programmes and it is one of the driving force behind the popularisation of the modern group exercise experience.

According to Wu Chun who kickstarted the relaunch week on January 22, said: “Les Mills programmes have given rise to the latest trend. It is like having a personal trainer but you are working out with a group of people that gives each other the extra push.”

Eight of the Les Mills programmes will be showcased such as Body Attack an athletic based exercise that will challenge your stamina; Body Combat, a mixed martial arts based exercise that will unleash the inner warrior in you; Body Jam, a disco dance feel which is full of fun and emotions; Body Pump, a powerful and challenging exercise; CXWORX, a core training exercise programme; SHBAM, the latest dance sensation; Body Balance, a programme which concentrates on the mind as well as the body; and RPM, the 45 minute indoor cycling workout which can burn 850 to 1,000 calories.

All of these exercise programmes are designed for both beginners and advanced students as instructors have different movement options to suit various ability levels.

Martial Arts exercise enthusiasts should also take note of January 26. Les Mills master trainer, Peekae from Thailand will be coming over to Fitness Zone.

An expert and an inspiration to countless people around the world, he is determined to teach everybody his very own mixed martial arts exercise.

He will be showcasing his expertise at a Body Combat session on Saturday at 5.15pm in Fitness Zone, Kiulap.

Wu Chun stated, “A new year, a new you. Fitness Zone hopes to encourage and inspire Bruneians to experience the very best of what a healthy lifestyle can bring to you and your loved ones which is why we are doing an open house for everyone to drop by and give it a go.”

The exercise programmes on January 25, and 26 which commence at 5.15pm and end at 8.30pm are open for everyone so bring your friends and family to Fitness Zone Kiulap and try out the life changing experience from Les Mills.

Fitness Zone is also giving away prizes for lucky participants who are joining the Les Mills classes during the relaunch week.

At the same time, membership promotions will also be given away so grab this opportunity to transform into the new you by making your way to Fitness Zone Kiulap.

For further enquiries, call 2233338 or visit or to find out more about the number one health club.

Source: The Brunei Times


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