Hunt for treasure brings life, laughter to Bandar Seri Begawan

21 Jan
Participants raring to go at the starting point of the treasure hunt challenge. Pictures: BT/Md Asdeny Yakub

Participants raring to go at the starting point of the treasure hunt challenge. Pictures: BT/Md Asdeny Yakub

Eleena Teoh


THE Bandar Seri Begawan Treasure Hunt Challenge II saw 91 teams flock to the capital city yesterday to compete for the top three spots in four categories.

The activity, organised by Sakam Enterprise, Fitness Zone, the Municipal Department and the Youth and Sports Department was held in the capital city to strive towards the Municipal Department’s goal of making Bandar Seri Begawan a livelier place.

Starting at the Taman Haji Sir Omar ‘Ali Saifuddien, the teams comprising three to five members each, also consisted of two veteran teams who competed in the female category.

This year, the hunt had four categories; the public all male category, the public all female category, the mixed category and the corporate category. In a previous challenge held in December 2011, the hunt only had two categories the mixed and the corporate category.

The top three teams for the all male category were PHJ Family, Sons of Guns, and Gazillion Gazelles.

For the all female category, the top three teams were Pirates of i46, The Hunter, and Lobos.

The top three teams in the mixed category were Running A, HMFC and Youth City.

Meanwhile, the corporate category was won by TAIB A, TAIB C and Pro Terra Nova.

Based on the highest scores, the overall champion among the winners of all the categories went to TAIB A.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, the head secretariat of the event, Nona Elis, said that it is “a continuous effort to support the Municipal Department in bringing in more people to the capital”.

“This is the second time we are holding the treasure hunt and the response this year has been overwhelming. In the first treasure hunt, only 18 teams signed up.”

However, she said that the reason why the previous turn out was much lower to this year’s was because it was held in December, when most people were away on holiday.

“That is why we decided that January would be a better time to hold it this time around.”

Three teams started off every five minutes and each were given a time frame of 2.5 hours to complete the treasure hunt.

There were four maps placed in the middle of the field in which the teams had to go to first to get hints and pointers before searching for their next tasks.

“We also spoke to a number of shops in the capital city to get them to participate. Some of the clues led to some of the shops around (the area).”

The teams had to go through 25 checkpoints with one even being in the water village where they had to take a boat to search for the checkpoint.

Nona said, “the secret is to know how to make full use of the shortcuts here. If the teams just stick to the main roads in the capital city, it will take up a lot of time”.

In an interview with one of the participants, Rahwani Farahan Zahari, 18, from the team, “The Rockettes” said that this had been the first time she had taken part in a treasure hunt and she had enjoyed herself going around the city, looking for the checkpoints.

Rozienah Aliuddin, 27, from team “Wild Bunch” said that it was also her first time joining in a treasure hunt and she had heard about the challenge through Fitness Zone.

This, she said, was a great effort to bring the people in Brunei together by getting them to participate in a fun activity.

“It was also really good to have tried something different to the normal aerobics and marathons.”

The chairmen of the treasure hunt were Fitness Zone’s Co-founder, Wu Chun, and the Director of Sakam Enterprise, Md Volinushky Hj Momin.

The guest of honour at the activity was Chairman of the Municipal Department Pg Hj Abd Rahman Pg Seri Indera Pg Hj Ismail.

Source: The Brunei Times


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  1. evon Hung from Taipei January 21, 2013 at 12:00 pm #

    Great Job!
    Well Done!!

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