B.Fit Challenge finalists now find exercise therapeutic

9 Dec
Ammirul Adnan

B.Fit Challenge finalists now find exercise therapeutic

Fitness Zone MD Wu Chun (C) with finalists of the B.Fit Challenge displaying the weight they have lost.

THE participants of the B.Fit Challenge knew they had to take control of their lives.In a bid to fight off heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other complicated diseases linked to obesity, these individuals joined the eight-week fitness programme and discovered a new love for life and health.

B.Fit Challenge winner Abdul Azim Hj Brahim now believes that is never too late to live a healthier life and after losing 22kg, has vowed never to go back to the way he was.

Ak Md Hasyim Pg Shamsudin, a B.Fit Challenge finalist, had popular health club Fitness Zone to thank for his success.

“Fitness Zone coaches taught us that we are in control and responsible for our own lives.”

“Exercise is now a way for me to release stress and I find working out in a health club to be quite therapeutic.”

Fitness Zone Managing Director Wu Chun said that the Fitness Zone team had been preparing for the challenge months before it kicked off.

“We want to surround them with people who will break their fall and in turn, help them to fly,” he said.

Another B.Fit finalist, Norazlina Hj Panjang echoed this sentiment, and said she believes that in order to achieve our fitness goals, it is crucial to stay positive and to only surround ourselves with positive people.

Fitness Zone’s coaches certainly provided that support, designing a fitness programme that saw the contestants lose between 10 to 22kg in eight weeks.

Fitness Manager David Gio Sasis VI, who was also a judge in the B.Fit Challenge, advised contestants to get rid of their excuses.

“You only have one body. If you don’t look after it, not only will it shorten your life, it will also lower the quality of your life.”

The success of the B.Fit Challenge has ignited a following in the nation as contestants have proven that change is possible.

“The world is filled with people who faced hardships but went on to achieve amazing things. Past failure is the mother of all success,” said David.

Wu Chun also shared his wisdom with the contestants, saying, “Success comes down to the will to do what the average person is not willing to do. Go outside your comfort zone. That is the road to success.” The Brunei Times

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