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Fitness Zone trainers excel at B.Fit Challenge

17 Dec
Fitness Zone Trainers excel at B.Fit Challenge

(Center) Wu Chun, founder of Fitness Zone, posing with B.Fit contestants.

Fitness Zone has created a phenomenon in the history of Brunei by co-organizing the first National weight loss programmer dubbed “B.Fit Challenge”.

The Challenge is an eight-week programme that has changed the lives of 50 participants competing in the challenge and inspired many more to take up a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Manager, David Gio Sasis VI, designed a programme that motivates and encourages participants to enjoy grueling journey of the challenge in a fun and entertaining manner which gives a total life changing effect delivered by certified instructors from Fitness Zone.

One of the top 20 finalists, Pg Hj Hamdillag Pg Abdullah said, “I want everyone to know that when we are committed to our goals, we never know what kind of miracle will come.
My blood pressure and cholesterol level was normal after two months of training.”

The success of the fitness programme deals with three aspects with the first being all about sports.

Designed to turn the participants into athletic individuals, the first part involves circuit training exercise, finest tests, strength training, water aerobics for the endurance training and extreme sports such as hiking and wall climbing.

Education follows in the second aspect of the challenge where participants are educated on how to balance exercise and diet to achieve their goals and objectives.

The third and final part entails charity work.

This part of the programmer encourages them to organize car wash events, clean up drives and tree planting.

Founder of Fitness Zone, Wu Chun explained that “leading by example is important and creating the right environment for all these participants is what we are focusing on. We want to make sure that the participants can achieve their goals in just eight weeks but at the same time do something meaningful for the community.”

After eight weeks of training with the fitness coaches, DK Nurul Hidayah, another top 20 finalist said, “almost all of us are addicted to our programme. We are also getting our family members to join the health club and I even became a fitness teacher for a friend.”

So many individuals excelled during the challenge especially the Fitness Zone instructors who were dedicated to deliver the necessary actions to make their programmes work successfully.

During the B.Fit Challenge, Wu Chun told the participants that it takes courage to make a change and commitment to see results.

“I think this stated created a fire in them and I am so proud of them”, said the founder of Fitness Zone.

Source: Brunei Times

Bandar Seri Begawan Treasure Hunt Returns

13 Dec
Wu Chun with a promotional poster for the Bandar Seri Begawan Treasure Hunt Challenge ll!.

Wu Chun with a promotional poster for the Bandar Seri Begawan Treasure Hunt Challenge ll!.

The first one was well received and now the second one is in town! The Bandar Seri Begawan Treasure Hunt Challeng (BSBTH) is back by popular demand.

BSBTH2 is a team event competition based on street oriented sports and will incorporate fun activities with physical fitness and mental tests.

According to a press release, Wu Chun, the Fitness Zone Co-Founder and Chairman for this event said, “Do you love Bandar Seri Begawan? Fitness Zone does! Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Come and join this fun and exciting event, show your support and love for this beautiful city and donate to Dana Belia Prihatin Brunei.”

The objectives of the event are to promote the love for BSB; to foster the competitive spirit, teamwork and promote a healthy lifestyle.

The event is also part of the Dana Belia Prihatin Brunei charity. This year, BSBTH2 has more partners on board, namely the BSB Municipal Board and the Youth and Sports Department.

There are three main categories for the challenge. A Public Category, which is divided into three sub-categories; Public All-Male team, Public All-Female team and Public ,Mix team, where each sub-category will need a team of three to five members; a Corporate and Civil Service category, where a mix team of four from any Corporate Organization or Civil Service can participate and a Student Category, which consist of a mix team of three to five members and every student team must be led by a teacher or parent. This category is open to students aged 15 to under 20 as of the registration date.

The event will be held on two Sundays, January 20 and 27, 2013 at Taman SOAS, BSB. Entry form can be downloaded from Fitness Zone website or taken from the front counter of any Fitness Zone branch.

The deadline for registration is December 31 and participation will be based on a first-come, first-served basis as participation slots a limited.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

B.Fit Challenge finalists now find exercise therapeutic

9 Dec
Ammirul Adnan

B.Fit Challenge finalists now find exercise therapeutic

Fitness Zone MD Wu Chun (C) with finalists of the B.Fit Challenge displaying the weight they have lost.

THE participants of the B.Fit Challenge knew they had to take control of their lives.In a bid to fight off heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and other complicated diseases linked to obesity, these individuals joined the eight-week fitness programme and discovered a new love for life and health.

B.Fit Challenge winner Abdul Azim Hj Brahim now believes that is never too late to live a healthier life and after losing 22kg, has vowed never to go back to the way he was.

Ak Md Hasyim Pg Shamsudin, a B.Fit Challenge finalist, had popular health club Fitness Zone to thank for his success.

“Fitness Zone coaches taught us that we are in control and responsible for our own lives.”

“Exercise is now a way for me to release stress and I find working out in a health club to be quite therapeutic.”

Fitness Zone Managing Director Wu Chun said that the Fitness Zone team had been preparing for the challenge months before it kicked off.

“We want to surround them with people who will break their fall and in turn, help them to fly,” he said.

Another B.Fit finalist, Norazlina Hj Panjang echoed this sentiment, and said she believes that in order to achieve our fitness goals, it is crucial to stay positive and to only surround ourselves with positive people.

Fitness Zone’s coaches certainly provided that support, designing a fitness programme that saw the contestants lose between 10 to 22kg in eight weeks.

Fitness Manager David Gio Sasis VI, who was also a judge in the B.Fit Challenge, advised contestants to get rid of their excuses.

“You only have one body. If you don’t look after it, not only will it shorten your life, it will also lower the quality of your life.”

The success of the B.Fit Challenge has ignited a following in the nation as contestants have proven that change is possible.

“The world is filled with people who faced hardships but went on to achieve amazing things. Past failure is the mother of all success,” said David.

Wu Chun also shared his wisdom with the contestants, saying, “Success comes down to the will to do what the average person is not willing to do. Go outside your comfort zone. That is the road to success.” The Brunei Times

Weight losers laud fitness programme

8 Dec
Fitness Zone - Weight losers laud fitness programme

Wu Chun with the winners in the First National Weight Loss Programme Competition in Brunei Darussalam. – FITNESS ZONE

The B.Fit Challenge, an eight-week competition held in October and November 2012, was joined by 50 participants. The competition was the First National Weight Loss Programme Competition in Brunei Darussalam, according to a press release.

Those who participated had their own lives touched and they changed their lifestyle due to the self- proclamation “I wanted to improve my quality of life”.

The grand champion of the B.Fit Challenge Competition, Abdul Azim bin Hj Ibrahim said, “No matter what happens, I know I will never give up anything in life. I never believed that life could be this good. It’s never too late to start and anything is possible, so I will never go back to how I was before.”

The participants put their best foot forward to challenge their own capabilities and to be role models of the programme, and ended up being ambassadors of the B.Fit Challenge for the nation.

Ak Muhd Hasyim bin Pg Shamsudin, one of the 10 B.Fit Challenge finalists, said, “Fitness Zone coaches taught us that we are in control. That we are responsible for everything that we do and the life we create for ourselves. Exercise is now one way of releasing my stress. I find working out in a health club is quite therapeutic. At the end of my workout, I feel fantastic knowing that I have done something healthy and positive for myself!”

Through the inaugural event, Fitness Zone, the No 1 health club in Brunei which designed the programme, achieved yet a new milestone in the history of the country, according to its Managing Director, Wu Chun.

“We had six months of preparation before B.FIT kicked off and we wanted to see everybody succeed in their lives. We wanted to surround them with people who will stop them from falling and help them to fly,” he said.

Norazalina Hj Panjang, another finalist, said, “I told myself that, if I wanted to achieve my fitness goal, it’s crucial that I surround myself with positive and supportive people. I am so grateful to meet all the Fitness Zone coaches. They went the extra mile just for me and the rest of the participants.”

The majority of the B.Fit Challenge contestants lost 10kg to 22kg in body weight during the programme.

Sorce: Borneo Bulletin