Fitness Zone welcomes visiting pupils

13 Nov
Fitness Zone welcomes visiting pupils

(Right) A Fitness Zone fitness consultant leads the pupils in a light aerobics session.
(Left) A boy tries out the weight-training equipment to work out his arms.
Pictures: Courtesy of Sekolah Rendah Muda Hashim Tutong 1

TWENTY-FOUR Year Six pupils of Sekolah Rendah Muda Hashim Tutong 1, accompanied by four teachers of the school, went on a school visit to popular health and fitness centre Fitness Zone.

The visit was organised to teach the pupils the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

During the visit, the group listened to a talk from Fitness Zone’s resident dietician explaining the importance of eating healthy foods, having a balanced diet and taking up regular exercise.

Following that, they participated in a warm-up session led by a Fitness Zone fitness consultant and toured the facilities of the centre. The pupils got to try out fitness challenges such as cycling, rock climbing and weight lifting.

A light and fun aerobics session was also organised by the centre’s fitness manager to mark the end of the school visit.

The Brunei Times

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