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KFC Fitness Zone 3-on-3 Street Basketball Challenge

26 Nov
KFC Fitness Zone 3-on-3 Street Basketball Challenge

Wu Chun with the participating teams from the Student Category

THE fourth and final part of this year’s KFC Fitness Zone 3-On-3 Street Basketball Challenge began on Sunday night at Fitness Zone in Kiulap.

Present at the launch was Fitness Zone owner Wu Chun, whose passion for basketball and exercise spurred him to establish the tournament with KFC and Lava Media.

In a statement, Wu Chun said, “We share the same goals with KFC [which is to motivate] the younger generation to be more active and develop a healthy lifestyle.”

A total of 32 teams are currently competing in round robin matches for the quarter-final spots in the tournament, which officially begins on November 30 and will be held at Airport Mall in Berakas.

Sunday night saw the first two matches played; the first between Zyrus and Rano and the second between Cleavers and Lava Media.

When asked about expectations for the tournament, Lava Media Marketing Manager Junli Lim was confident the the event will still be a crowd puller, despite many teams being away on vacation.

The tournament will see the return of MC Ivory Smith, as well as popular activities that will take place alongside the tournament, such as the Slam Dunk competition, the Three-Point Shootout and the One-on-One contest.

The Brunei Times

Fitness Zone welcomes visiting pupils

13 Nov
Fitness Zone welcomes visiting pupils

(Right) A Fitness Zone fitness consultant leads the pupils in a light aerobics session.
(Left) A boy tries out the weight-training equipment to work out his arms.
Pictures: Courtesy of Sekolah Rendah Muda Hashim Tutong 1

TWENTY-FOUR Year Six pupils of Sekolah Rendah Muda Hashim Tutong 1, accompanied by four teachers of the school, went on a school visit to popular health and fitness centre Fitness Zone.

The visit was organised to teach the pupils the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

During the visit, the group listened to a talk from Fitness Zone’s resident dietician explaining the importance of eating healthy foods, having a balanced diet and taking up regular exercise.

Following that, they participated in a warm-up session led by a Fitness Zone fitness consultant and toured the facilities of the centre. The pupils got to try out fitness challenges such as cycling, rock climbing and weight lifting.

A light and fun aerobics session was also organised by the centre’s fitness manager to mark the end of the school visit.

The Brunei Times