Fitness Zone inspires Bruneian fitness trainers

19 Sep
Fitness Zone inspires Bruneian fitness trainers

Wu Chun (seated in yellow t-shirt) with Fitness Zone’s new trainers. Picture: Courtesy of Fitness Zone

WITH the Olympics having come to an end, more and more Bruneians are paying greater attention to sports and healthy activities.

The trend in developed countries such as USA, UK or even Singapore can be seen right now in Brunei. An increasing number of Bruneians are working out in the health clubs, enjoying the state-of-the art fitness facilities similar to what is available in the USA.

However, Fitness Education and Certification courses are lacking in Brunei. Fitness Zone, being the most active health club in Brunei, is taking a bigger approach to encourage and sponsor local fitness enthusiasts to go abroad for their fitness certification courses. One of the most famous fitness programmes, Les Mills is always looking for new recruits to join their team of 75,000 certified instructors working in 14,000 clubs across 80 countries.

According to Wu Chun, the founder of Fitness Zone, “Never underestimate what Bruneians can do… As long as you are passionate about what you are doing and you have a strong will to make it happen, it will materialise. Our coaches do their best to get people to dig deeper, go harder and reach higher. They motivate bodies, inspire minds and lead the way to positive change. Not many people are that committed but isn’t it great to be one of the few?”

One of their members, turned Les Mills Instructor and certified American Council of Exercise Emily Wong, said that, “the Les Mills programmes have really changed my life. I first started participating overseas and was happy to find out that our own local Fitness Zone also offers the programmes when I returned. The initial step was difficult but with perseverance and support, I learned that you can be successful when you look at exercise as a lifestyle change. Look at the bigger picture and think long-term goals. Never did I imagine that I would now be teaching Les Mills Body Attack and Body Pump for two years when during my initial class as a member, I could hardly keep up with the choreography or last more than 10 minutes! I only hope to help inspire and show that it’s never too late to make a change and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Be physically and mentally fit.”

Majority of the local trainers have pursued their degree education in the UK and Australia and have been greatly influenced and inspired by the healthy lifestyle abroad.

According to one of the fitness coaches at Fitness Zone, Ajib, “people in UK are so health conscious and active in their daily activities. I am lucky to have the opportunity to undergone the fitness certification courses in London and thanks to Fitness Zone, I can work in a good health club that I can still share my knowledge and experience with so many Bruneians!”

Fitness Zone currently has 10 expat trainers and 15 local trainers who are internationally certified and they are expecting more to come! Wu Chun added, “right now, we have coaches that are internationally certified in ACE (American Council of Exercise), Cross Fit, Zumba, Les Mills, FIA (Fitness Institute of Australia), Spinning USA, Stotts Pilates, TACFIT, Gym Jones 300 Spartans and we even have Mr Brunei and Mr Borneo in the house! We really feel proud of our fitness coaches accomplishments. The demand is there right now and Fitness Zone will be inviting Master Trainers from all parts of the world to conduct Sports and Fitness Courses in Brunei.”

The Brunei Times

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