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Fitness Zone celebrates Kiulap branch fifth year anniversary

29 Aug
Fitness Zone Anniversary

Wu chun cuts the cake marking Fitness Zone’s ninth Anniversary

FITNESS Zone celebrated the fifth anniversary of its Kiulap branch by organising few healthy exercise games and fun filled entertainment with their members and the public on Tuesday.

The health fitness centre has been in the business for nine years since it started back in 2003 at The Mall in Gadong.

Fitness Zone now has two established clubs in Brunei and also one in Shanghai, China.

This year’s celebration included the introduction of their Diamond Club Loyalty Programme where registered members earn the privilege of several benefits such as access to any of their health clubs, a complimentary workout towel, the Weekend Special where Diamond Diamond Club Loyalty Programme members are allowed to bring in two guests to any of the Fitness Zone clubs every Saturdays and Sundays.

According to a press release from Fitness Zone, the health centre is proud to have 38 loyal members who signed up back in March of 2003 and they are still with Fitness Zone after all these years.

For this occasion, Fitness Zone has also extended their special thanks to Imperial Sports for the sponsorship of the In-House Games Medals, the Power Breath sponsored by Armtrix Enterprise, the face painting by Jo Art Gallery, top-up cards and modems sponsored by B.Mobile and refreshments from Mr Baker Bakeshop.

Also Fitness Zone is opening its doors to members of the public, dubbed the Fitness Zone Open House where the public can enjoy a full five days of fitness totally free plus a special promotion to kick start their journey to good health. More on that can be found by visiting its Facebook page and online official website.

Owner of Fitness Zone, Goh Kiat Chun commented,”It is the right time to welcome back all our members who has been enjoying their time spending their Hari Raya and it is really time to balance it up and burn those extra calories away.We should enjoy once in a while whether it is a vacation or festival like Hari Raya but never neglect your health because maintaining a good health is actually very easy when you are still in control of your health condition.”

“This year we are introducing our Diamond Club Programme, an appreciation to more than 1,500 members who have been with us for three or more years whereby we now allow them to share their journey of good health with their loved ones by allowing them to bring in two guests free of charge during Saturdays and Sundays,” added Chun.

Raja, who is a member with Fitness Zone for nine whole years said,”I love this place. being a member here (at Fitness Zone) for so long, they listened sincerely to my comments and their desire to improve on their services has never stopped from day one. I really appreciate what they have done to the fitness industry in Brunei.”

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