Breast Cancer Awareness Talk At Fitness Zone

27 Oct


Supporting the fighters, admiring the survivors, honoring the taken. Never ever give up hope!

Early detection saves lives.
Join our upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Talk happening on 31 Oct 2016, 9am, to learn more about breast cancer!
For ladies only

Fitness Zone Introduce The New Flyoga

18 Oct
Experience the new Flyoga at the master trainer class conducted by celebrity instructor!
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Fitness Zone – Launching Les Mills New Moves And Music on 29 and 30 October

18 Oct


Free for all!

Mark your calendar and join us at the launch to experience the newest releases and excitement yourself!

Remember to bring your friends or family along!

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Fitness Zone’s All Women Club completes 28-day challenge

20 Sep


|      James Kon      |

THIRTY members of Fitness Zone’s All Women Club, who had taken part in a 28-day challenge to test their limits and take their fitness to the next level, learnt the importance of strength and functional training in helping them to build a more balanced fitness regime.

The four-week fitness activity comprised posture and breathing in the first week, technique and flexibility in the second week, isolation versus compound in the third, and circuit training and HIIT (with outdoor activities) in the fourth.

One of its participants was Yang Amat Mulia Pengiran Anak Hajah Ameenah Bushral Bulqiah binti Pengiran Lela Cheteria Sahibun Najabah Pengiran Anak Haji Abdul Aziz.

The challenge concluded yesterday with a certificate presentation ceremony officiated by the Managing Director of Fitness Zone, Wu Chun.

In an interview, he said, “It is important for ladies to learn about strength and functional training besides cardio training.

“There is a perception that strength training will build a bulky body for ladies, but this is not true because male and female hormones are different.”

The advantage of having strength training, according to Wu Chun, is that the body will be slow to gain weight when one stops going to the gym for two or three weeks.

Wu Chun in a group picture with participants of the four-week challenge. – PHOTOS: JAMES KON

Wu Chun in a group picture with participants of the four-week challenge. – PHOTOS: JAMES KON

“We aim to do more of these activities in the future… Not only to create programmes for women and promote strength training in women, but also to create a community that celebrates women,” he added.

The winner of the challenge was Mandy Lui, followed by Liew Chiew Fah and Ng Yuen Leng in second and third place respectively.

Full-time housewife Mandy Lui lost a good amount of body fat in just four weeks, and she received her certificate and wellness goods yesterday as well as a one-month membership.

The criteria for the challenge were 30 per cent score on attendance, 35 per cent on body fat loss and the other 35 per cent on muscle gain.

In an interview, the first place winner expressed, “I was quite surprised that I won because all the participants were really working hard in the challenge.”

She also revealed that the first week was really tough, as she was not used to the new training.


Source: Borneo Bulletin

Fitness Zone Kiulap turns 9

30 Aug


FITNESS Zone celebrated its ninth year anniversary of the opening of its Kiulap branch yesterday by holding a host of fun activities for the public.

The line-up includes fitness awareness programmes as well as Les Mills and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes.

Various sponsors also set up booths to showcase their merchandise at the event, including BMW, BrewCoffee Department, Sweetcuts Asia and Redbull with groovy music by duo DJ’s Kueymo and Sushiboy providing a positive vibe to the event.

During the event, the health club awarded two of their most loyal members, husband and wife Dato Talib Berudin and Datin Norzainah Hj Md Salleh, with loyalty awards. Their son Zurairi accepted the awards on their behalf from Fitness Zone Managing Director Wu Chun.

The two have been members of the health club since 2004 and frequent the gym regularly.

In a press release from the centre, Dato Talib said that he and his wife believe that exercise is the best medicine for keeping physically fit and healthy. He added that the health club provides everyone with facilities that they can choose from, which are suited to their needs and abilities.

Meanwhile, Wu Chun extended his appreciation on behalf of the health club to all its sponsors, partners, the public and media who have shown their support throughout the years, ever since the clubs establishment.

He added that it will continue to tirelessly improve people’s lives through fitness.

For upcoming events or enquiries, please call 2233338, and for updates and daily motivation please follow and like on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: The Brunei Times

Award for loyal Fitness Zone duo

30 Aug

|     Fizah HAB     |

IN MARKING its 9th anniversary, Fitness Zone yesterday presented awards to two of its most loyal members during a celebration held at its Kiulap branch.

Fitness Zone Managing Director Wu Chun presented the husband and wife duo – Dato Talib Berudin and Datin Norzainah binti Haji Mohd Salleh with their awards.

A Fitness Zone member since 2006, Dato Talib Berudin told the Bulletin, “We believe that exercise is the best medicine to keep you physically fit and healthy. The health club provides facilities that cater to each individual’s needs and abilities.”

The celebration also included healthy lifestyle showcase, fitness awareness programmes and booth exhibitions by sponsors such as BMW, Brewcoffee Department, Sweetcuts Asia and Redbull. Wu Chun said, “On behalf of Fitness Zone, we would like to extend appreciation to all our sponsors, partners, people, media, and groups who showed support not only with this event celebration, but all throughout the years.”


Wuchun presenting the most loyal membes award to representative of Dato Talib Berudin and Datin Norzainah Hj Mohd Salleh

Fitness Zone sponsors charity run for CHMS alumni

30 Aug

|     Fizah HAB     |

FITNESS Zone has stepped up as the official sponsor for the Chung Hwa Middle School (CHMS) Alumni Association Charity Run on September 25, at the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium.

Yesterday, a handover of the official T-shirts and posters for the charity run took place at Fitness Zone in Kiulap, which was attended by Wu Chun, the Managing Director of Fitness Zone and a former student of CHMS.

Also present was CHMS Alumni Association Chairman Tan Guan Song.

In a press release, Wu Chun said that he was proud to be part of the alumni run, since it gave the opportunity for former students of CHMS to get together for a good cause, in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Carrying the slogan, ‘Run For Health, Run For Charity’, the event aims to promote healthy living as well as giving back to the community through charity.


Wu chun together with members of the Chung Hwa Middle school alumni association during the handover ceremony


Source: Borneo Bulletin